By The LUPA Puppet Company Directed by Catalina Landívar


  • Español
  • 50 minutes
  • +3 años

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Award-winning Argentine company LUPA brings the adventures of an imaginative child who has to deal with living with a father he barely knows to Chile.

Martino is eight years old, with a mother who loves music, an invisible friend and a rage that’s bigger than the full moon. He’s just been told him that he has to spend the holidays at his father’s house. And this is what makes him mad, because his father lives far away in a strange house and - even though he’s his father - he hardly knows him. However, as is usually the case, the most exciting things happen in places we don’t want to go. Among exotic plants and surrounded by surprising characters, Martino goes on an adventure that will change his life forever. Martino Gomaespuma, a LUPA Puppet Company creation, won the Best One-Man Puppet Show for Children and Best Multimedia Show Awards, among others, at the Javier Villafañe National Puppet Awards in 2018.

Directed by: Catalina Landívar | Cast: Eugenio Deoseffe | Written by: Eugenio Deoseffe, Catalina Landívar | Puppet creator: Eugenio Deoseffe | Multimedia design and animation: Andrés Llanezas | Set: Virginia Ceratto | Original score: Joaquín Deoseffe, Diego Pedraza | Technical consultant: Silvio Torres | Technical assistant: Agustina Villanes | Assistant director: Clara Giorgetti | Produced by: The Lupa Puppet Company | Sponsored by the Argentine National Theater Institute.

Martino Gomaespuma tells the story of a difficult time in the life of an eight year old child who believes that the world is against him but discovers that life can take him by surprise”.

La Nación de Buenos Aires

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