By Teatro de Ocasión Directed by Tita Iacobelli


  • Español
  • 40 minutes
  • General Audience

Advertencia all ages

A touching multidisciplinary show that invites the audience, especially children, to travel through the world of Gabriela Mistral and her life, dreams and legacy.

Lucila, luces de Gabriela is full of surprises: it’s a play that brings acting, music and visual poetry to the stage to accompany poet Gabriela Mistral on a journey through her life. A creation for all ages, it aims to inspire the audience to follow in this Nobel Prize for Literature winner’s footsteps, to explore her different sides and to reconstruct her using their imagination. On stage, two people are on the trail of Gabriela, hoping to find her so they can follow down her same path, discovering and sharing the surprising inner world of this immeasurable and important woman from Chile’s history. Lucila, luces de Gabriela is the fourth play by Teatro de Ocasión, calling on outstanding actress Teresita Iacobelli as director. Gabriela Mistral appears in different forms, painted as “a woman who grew so much that she ended up not fitting into her country and so had to travel to fulfil her desire to see, understand, transform and sow things throughout the world”, according to director and actress María Fernanda Carrasco.

Created, performed and live music by: María Fernanda Carrasco and César Espinoza | Directed by: Tita Iacobelli | Assistant director: Belén Abarza | Written by: María Fernanda Carrasco | Musical director and arrangements: Simón González | Sound designer: Daniel Pierattini | Set designer and lighting: Belén Abarza | Assistant designer: Macarena Muñoz | Costume designer and creator: Daniel Bagnara | Graphic designer: Liza Retamal | Set construction: Fernando Quiroga | A Teatro de Ocasión and GAM Center production.

“With the irresistible approach they’re known for, María Fernanda Carrasco and César Espinoza bring a kind of fun theatrical kaleidoscope to life, unleashing a string of physical games, objects and live music and songs “.

—El Mercurio

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