By Kike Gorena


  • Spanish
  • 75 minutes
  • +15

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Can music save a family from falling into stupidity and inertia? This bold Bolivian play chooses heavy metal as a way of breaking the cycle … although it may not be enough.

In Los Maderfakers, a family of metalheads comes up with a way of surviving by any means possible in a world full of stupidity, apathy and neglect. This way of life has seriously damaged their social skills and all they want to do is form a rock band. Head of the family is Apa, an old-school rocker who sadly sees himself reflected in each of his four children. Overwhelmed by this, Apa tries to change how they’re turning out, thus speeding up their regression as a family. Los Maderfakers is a black comedy in which music seems to be the only way out, although perhaps it’s already too late. “Human stupidity shouldn’t be understood as a simple lack of intelligence; even less so as a low level of intelligence. Modern stupidity is fundamentally the standardization of the human being”, says Kike Gorena, this play’s director and writer.

Written and directed by: Kike Gorena | Cast: Erika Andia, Miguel Valverde, Mauricio Toledo, Pedro Grossman, Winner Zeballos, Kike Gorena | Art and technical designer: Carlos del Águila.

“A doorway to exploring our fascination for stupidity and idleness; it’s a warning against the worst kind of legacy we could leave, without actually meaning to”.

–La Razón, Bolivia

Los Maderfackers is the feeling that – faced with superficiality - it might just be better to put on a Tool record, go to sleep and not just go with the flow”.

—Diario Siete, Bolivia

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