By Teatro La María


  • Spanish
  • 75 minutes
  • General Audience

Orphans are at the heart of this emblematic production by La María, back on the stage after 11 years and just as relevant and full of surrealism, severity and irony as ever.

Premiered in 2008 at the UC Theater, Las huachas reflects on being an orphan using the story of Bella Ninet (Tamara Acosta), an orphan from the countryside who goes to the house of Gabriela - supposedly her godmother (played by Alexandra von Hummel) - on the day of the summer solstice. There, Bella discovers she’s the devil’s daughter and tries to build a mother-daughter relationship with Gabriela, tinted with frustration, rage and failure. At the same time, a mare wanders through Chile reflecting on what it’s like to be an orphan. This play is divided into two parts: the ‘folkloric’ half that conveys what it’s like to be an orphan using mythical signs and the other half that’s crueler. In the latter, this orphan finds no answers. She’s not special or anything extraordinary, just one more orphan. This text - re-premiered for the reopening of the Teatro La Memoria venue, home to Teatro La María - won the Book Council Award for Best Literary Play in the Theater Category in 2009. Its performances at Santiago a Mil mark the beginning of the company´s twentieth anniversary celebrations.

Directed and written by: Alexis Moreno | Cast: Tamara Acosta, Alexandra von Hummel, José Palma, Moisés Angulo | Set designer: Rodrigo Ruiz | Lighting designer: Ricardo Romero | Costume designer: Alexandra von Hummel | Producer: Horacio Pérez.

“Alexis Moreno chooses a mythical interpretation to explain abandonment (…) It’s not meant to satisfy the public and be a crowd pleaser, but rather to raise concerns”.

—Artes y Letras, El Mercurio

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