By Stephie Bastías


  • Spanish
  • 60 minutes
  • +14

Young director Stephie Bastías brings the myth of cruel countess Isabel Barthory to the stage, journeying to the sixteenth century to reflect not only on what’s feminine, but also power, abuse and death.

Based on the myth of ‘The Bloody Countess’ described by Alejandra Pizarnik in 1966 in her novel of the same name, La Torre is the macabre tale of legendary Hungarian aristocrat Isabel Bathory. She is famous for murdering almost 600 women and carrying out hideous rituals to immortalize her beauty and youth, including bathing in blood. In a tower, six silent servants live and work for the heinous countess, waiting for a call that could be the last they ever receive. This myth is the basis for this dramatic play, dealing with a relevant topic based on death, submission and misogyny - current political and gender problems - using an invented dialect only used in this tower.

La Torre is part of the Focus on Young Creators at Santiago a Mil, organized in conjunction with the Camilo Henríquez Theater.

Company: Teatro La Trama | Written and directed by: Stephie Bastías | Cast: Karina Ramírez, Catalina Carvacho, Justine Rojas, Juanita Lara, Leyla Ponce, Carolina Carrasco | Staging assistant: Boris Calderón| Lighting operator: Ignacio Martínez | Set developer: Leonardo Chamorro.

“It’s noteworthy that such a young director uses such a strongly visual esthetic, amalgamating styles to create a confusing and worrying tale”.


—Find out more about the story of Countess Bathory in this article from Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia

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