By Philippe Quesne


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From the depths of the earth comes a group of unique tourists who parade around the city, surprising - and interacting - with its always rushed inhabitants.

Where do moles go when leave their burrows and what will they like about the city? In this curious urban intervention, created by French artist Philippe Quesne, a group of these small animals comes out of its hiding place and ends up in Santiago. These excavators go round the city, visiting different corners of it and mingling with its people. Whether in a café or park or on the subway, these unusual tourists will surprise us as a metaphor for artists who challenge conventions and leave their hometowns to embark on a different path, far beyond their comfort zone and limits. It’s a reflection on moving around as a way of getting out of your own headspace, in order to learn about other realities, meet others and create new dialogue: a driving force so we can connect with the animal within us.

Created by: Philippe Quesne | Written by: Diane Jean | Translated by: Neil Kroetsch | Performers: Yvan Clédat, Jean-Charles Dumay, Léo Gobin, Erwan Ha Kyoon Larcher, Sébastien Jacobs, Thomas Suire, Gaëtan Vourc’h | Costume designers: Corine Petitpierre, Anne Tesson | Produced by: the Nanterre-Amandiers National Theater Center | Co-presented by: the Show Quarter Partnership | With support from:
the French Institute (Paris) and the Service for Cooperation and Cultural Action of the General French Consulate in Quebec, in association with the Carrefour International Theater Festival (Quebec).

“Personifying an underground and mysterious world, these almost blind animals take over public areas ‘to uncover things humans simply don’t know about’”.

—Le Parisien

—See the moles going around Nanterre in France here

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