By Sergio Blanco Directed by Soledad Gaspar


  • English without subtitles
  • 55 minutes
  • +14

Advertencia +14

Chilean actor Lucas Balmaceda breathes life, emotion and vulnerability into Kassandra, inspired by a Greek myth that’s been updated by Uruguayan playwright Sergio Blanco.

In Greek mythology, Cassandra is a Trojan princess and priestess of the god Apollo, with whom she makes a pact to get the gift of prophecy in exchange for her favors. However, after rejecting Apollo, he curses her by spitting in her mouth and condemning her to a life in which nobody will believe a word she says. Kassandra the play is a one-man show written in basic English, in which the Trojan heroine both tells her story and debunks her own myth. The character of Kassandra - in the text of Uruguayan playwright Sergio Blanco, also at Santiago a Mil 2020 with his latest play, Cuando pases sobre mi tumba - is a contemporary migrant who sells smuggled goods at an illegal bar. She tells of her own journey, looking back at her past and brutally criticizes today’s reality: our unbearable wars, our ill-fated cities of Troy, our inevitable exiles, our high-tech Achilles’ heels, our maniacal Hectors, our new cartographies, our epic Helens and the brutality we get away with scot free.

Written by: Sergio Blanco | Directed by: Soledad Gaspar | Performed by: Lucas Balmaceda | Producer: Lucía de la Maza | Associated producers: Cultura Capital, Matucana 100 | Sound designer: Damián Noguera | Set, costume and lighting designer: Zorra Vargas | Visuals: Gomar Fernández, Laura Baigorria, Francisca Nardecchia.

“Directed by Soledad Gaspar, Kassandra is one of the most appealing but disturbing pieces of 2019”.

—Biobío Radio

“The lighting and script in English turn the play into a hard-to-grasp and even uncomfortable experience, with a feeling of strangeness accompanied by the performance of Lucas Balmaceda, whose vulnerability is almost tangible”.


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Cuando pases sobre mi tumba: This is the latest piece by Sergio Blanco, who will also be at Santiago a Mil 2020 with the Uruguayan version of this play about a man - Blanco - who organizes his own assisted suicide at a Swiss clinic, as well as deciding to donate his body to a young necrophile in a psychiatric hospital in London.

—Its special and novel format, which brings the character of Kassandra to life in an English that allows the audience to interpret what they see, hear and feel for themselves. It’s a multisensory experience that needs the audience’s active participation.

—The impressive performance of its star, Chilean actor Lucas Balmaceda (La noche obstinada, Los 80, Tebas Land), who infuses Sergio Blanco’s script with humanity and empathy.

Kassandra is part of a series of plays by Sergio Blanco that have been performed in Chile over the last few years, such as Tebas Land and La ira de Narciso. Blanco will also be taking part in Santiago a Mil 2020 with his latest piece, Cuando pases sobre mi tumba.

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