By Teatro a lo Mapuche


  • Mapudungun, Spanish
  • 90 minutes
  • None

A production that goes beyond the confines of theater to give the audience an inside look at the everyday lives and demands of the Mapuche people.

Ka kiñe, ka kiñe (‘once more’ in English) is a piece that runs through the Mapuche people’s history, myths and legal demands, inviting the audience to become part of their community, experience their cultural multidimensionality and find out how they are reconstructing their identity. In this, the third play by Teatro a lo Mapuche (Kiñe Eluwün, Kutrankulei), the audience comes face to face with a story that has the air of a legal and police drama and how the Mapuches deal with different situations, the power of their oral traditions and their constant reflection, critique and self-criticism. It creators describe it as “embracing the communities that are rebuilding themselves. It’s for those who maintain and practice their culture and, above all, for those who’ve sacrificed their freedom and lives like Matías Catrileo Quezada: young people who are involved in ‘waking up’ their people and identity”. On the hyper-realistic set, the actors in Ka kiñe, ka kiñe speak Mapudungun and Spanish.

Directed by: Anthony Nahuelhual | Playwright: Khano Llaitul | Cast: Ramón González, Vladimir Huaiquiñir, Germán Pinilla, Camila Casanova, Francisca Muñoz, Anthony Nahuelhual | Producer: Francisca Muñoz | Assistant producer: Dominga Gutiérrez | Set, costume and lighting designer: Montserrat Quezada | Graphic designer: Alejandro Huircapán | Illustrations: Vittorio Meschi | Mapuche chef: Carmen Huentemil | Text translation: José Paillal and Elizabeth Huenchual | Support cast: Miriam Millapan and Miguel Huechucoy

Ka kiñe, ka kiñe. More than a theater play, (it’s) an experience”.

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