By Dea Loher Directed by Jesús Urqueta


  • Español
  • 75 minutes
  • +14

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Jesús Urqueta, one of the most outstanding directors on the Chilean theater scene, is back with a play about loss and healing.

Is there a certain way of remembering? Can we reconstruct what we’ve already lived through? And find the answers that’ll save us in what remains? In Junto al lago negro - the latest production from renowned director Jesús Urqueta (Arpeggione, Prefiero que me coman los perros, Lear, el rey y su doble) - Else, John, Cleo and Eddie get together for the first time in years at the place their lives changed forever. Together, they’ll embark on the most difficult of exercises: seizing onto memories to try and look for answers and desperately restore what they’ve lost. This is the Hispanic American premiere of the play by renowned German author Dea Loher, who puts the characters in a difficult scenario of loss but who, rather amusingly, can only heal their wounds as a group. The cast of this production is the same one that took part in the acclaimed play Prefiero que me coman los perros, which won the Best Actress Award from the Circle of Art Critics for Nona Fernández’ performance. She once again shares the stage with Monserrat Estévez and Cristián Keim, as well as Moisés Angulo.

Written by: Dea Loher | Spanish translation: Olga Sánchez | Directed by: Jesús Urqueta | Cast: Nona Fernández, Monserrat Estévez, Cristián Keim and Moisés Angulo | Set and lighting designer: Belén Abarza | Producer: Ana Cosmelli | Costume designer and creator: Daniel Bagnara | Musical score: Álvaro Pacheco | Lighting designer and technical manager: Francisco Herrera | Visuals and teaser: Eduardo Bunster | Assistant director: Roxana Naranjo | Assistant designer: Macarena Muñoz | Wardrobe assistants: Florencia Borie, María José Stuardo and Beatriz Zamora | Set construction: Fernando Quiroga | Recording, mixing and mastering: Gonzalo Rodríguez | Graphic designer: Javier Pañella | Sound operator: Felipe Lehmann | Photographs: Andrés Cárdenas | Multimedia consultant: Gabriela Lazcano.

—Find out more about the work of Dea Loher on the Goethe Institute’s website

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