By Mariana Hausdorf


  • Spanish, English and German, with Spanish subtitles
  • 80 minutes
  • +12

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A comedy full of current concerns that constantly plays with the limits of what’s true, what’s not, what we are and what we make of ourselves.

In Impostoras, three women face the audience: a Spaniard who claims to have survived the attack on the Twin Towers in New York; a North American civil rights activist for those of African descent, who defends criticism about her racial identity and a Pole who talks about her job as a double for Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany. Through their dialogue, we can see that the lines between fact and fiction and truth and lies are blurred when we try and construct our own identities and that we all need to reinvent ourselves sometimes. Impostoras was created by actress Mariana Hausdorf, one of the participants in the Teatro a Mil Foundation’s Theater Directing Program in collaboration with the Goethe Institute and the Ministry of Culture, the Arts and Heritage. The play has had runs at the UC Theater and the GAM Center.

Impostoras is part of the Focus on Young Creators at Santiago a Mil, organized in conjunction with the Camilo Henríquez Theater.

Written and directed by: Mariana Hausdorf Andrade | Cast: Heidrun Breier Funk, Sol De Caso Gazmuri and Renata Puelma Müller | Sound designer: Camilo Plaza Armijo | Set and costume designer: Isidora Carriquiry Berner | Lighting designer and production: Benjamín Carriquiry Berner | Assistant playwright: Andrés Kalawski Isla | Graphic designers: Fabián Flores Bernales and Nicole Fuentes Soto | English translation: Francisca Aguilera Osorio | Subtitling technician: Lukas Kalmar.

Impostoras shuns anecdotes and sets itself up as an ongoing interrogation of what’s visible and what’s imaginary, reflecting a symptom that’s typical of our times”.


“Actresses Heidrun Breier, Sol de Caso and Renata Puelma shine in a comedy similar to one of Woody Allen’s best. It’s a masked dance where the first to die - to the sound of a lie - is the truth”.

—El Mostrador

—“Impostoras, a play that puts a strain on the difference between truth and lies” – Mariana Hausdorf, director of Impostoras, talks about her creative process in an interview with the Teatro a Mil Foundation

Impostoras trailer on YouTube

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