By La Caja de Fósforos


  • Spanish
  • 85 minutes
  • +15

A moving piece, based on a journalistic book, which delves into the complex reality of those suffering from schizophrenia and their families, aiming to help us empathize.

Hay que tirar las vacas por el barranco is a theatrical adaptation of the book Voces del laberinto, by Spanish journalist Ricard Ruiz Garzón (2005), bringing together 15 testimonies from both patients suffering from schizophrenia and their families. In the play, different monologues run the gauntlet of the disease, from the first symptoms to a cure or death, aiming to try and disperse the stigma, myths and prejudice surrounding this illness. “Sometimes theater needs to shed its skin and get rid of some of its most elemental devices in order to be able to talk about certain realities”, say its creators, the Venezuelan company La Caja de Fósforos, They wanted to talk about schizophrenia because it’s an illness that affects communication and relationships with other people. “By listening to patients who are suffering from the disease; by listening to family members who are also victims of the disease; by using actual voices that reflect the most pure and human form of desperation and with the bare minimum of artistic arrangements, we might be able to break down the barriers that prevent us from identifying our own fears and anxieties in these people and to share the same – human - head space”.

Play based on the book by Ricard Ruiz Garzón | Written and directed by: Orlando Arocha | Cast: Gretel Stuyck, Haydee Faverola, Diana Volpe, Ricardo Nortier, Rafa Cruz | A La Máquina Cultural Association and La Caja de Fósforos (Caracas, Venezuela) production.

“Orlando Arocha forms part of a tenacious group of directors that are still involved in the theater and who conceive their work and role in the crisis in Venezuela as an exercise in cultural resistance”.

—El País, Spain

Hay que tirar las vacas por el barranco sheds its geographical context to concentrate on human beings”.

—Artezblai magazine

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