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Teatropan presents an impressive piece that recreates Galileo’s life and legacy, bringing his struggle against the religious core beliefs of the time into the present.

Galileo. La Tierra se detiene otra vez is a journey through the life and legacy of Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, a Renaissance visionary who challenged the core beliefs of the time in his desire to discover and break away from the old ways of thinking. Already elderly and almost blind, Galileo is charged with heresy and called on to defend himself before the Inquisition by disowning his discoveries. This story replays different moments of his life, combining them with the pressure of him being prisoner and his enthusiasm and willingness to discover new things with his assistant, Pontius and daughter, Maria Celeste.

This piece by Teatropan takes place in a dome, with the audience invited to submerge themselves in Galileo’s world of astronomy. The spectator is seated in the middle and surrounded by walkways and two stages - one at the front and one at the back - where the action takes place. Like when you look up in a planetarium, a series of projections recreate Galileo’s world.

Directed by: Jaime Reyes | Written by: Paulina Casas, Jaime Reyes, Érico Vera | Cast: Paulina Casas, Érico Vera, Jaime Reyes | Musical score: Jaime Reyes and Érico Vera | Sound mastering: Felipe Ábrigo | Technical team: Valeria Moya, Javier Abadie, Juan Pablo Ascencio, Fabián Vergara | With support from a 2018 Fondart grant, a 2019 Theatrical Heritage Fondart grant and the Aldea del Encuentro Cultural Corporation.

“A playful tone imprints the play with humor and energy, making it resonate that much more with the audience in what are atypical surroundings”.

—La Segunda

—The play’s special way of interacting with the public. The piece takes place around them: a direct nod to Galileo’s hypotheses. The result is a 360 degree theater experience, “that reflects a world of astronomy that’s the projection of Galileo’s enlightened mind”, say its creators.

The use of a story that takes place in the sixteenth century allows us to reflect on questions that are extremely current. What do we think about the core beliefs of our time? How do we exercise our freedom in today’s socio-cultural context? What’s imposed on us by the society we live in? How can we relate to Galileo’s thirst for discovery and to be more than what the system lets him be? “Putting on this play nowadays is to go back to these questions, which ineludibly complement reality”, says the company.

—Galileo Galilei: Born in Italy in 1564, this astronomer, philosopher, mathematician and physicist was considered the father of the scientific method and one of science’s main champions during the Renaissance. He came up with the first Law of Motion and, after creating the first telescope, publicly voiced his support for the Copernican heliocentric theory from a century before, earning him life imprisonment during the Inquisition. He died in 1642.

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