Visual arts


By Jorge Brantmayer


  • Spanish
  • aprox. 60 minutes
  • General Audience

Advertencia all ages

Captured through the lens of one of the most important photographers in contemporary Chile, this selection of images takes us on a journey through Chilean theater as resistance during the dictatorship.

Archivo Jorge Brantmayer: teatro chileno 1983-1992 is a series of 1,350 previously unpublished color photographs, recording 125 theater plays at 50 private and public venues that were active during the dictatorship and the transition to democracy. This material forms part of an interactive exhibition that aims to move and impress the public and remind them of the theater made at a time of crisis in the eighties and its boldness and differentiation. Curated by theater researcher María de la Luz Hurtado under artistic director Camilo Yáñez and with the work of an interdisciplinary team from the Catholic University, this exhibition is a unique opportunity to relive the work of hundreds of theater artists who are still on the scene today - like Alfredo Castro, Shlomit Baytelman, Amparo Noguera, Héctor Noguera and so many more – as well as those who are no longer with us, but continue to leave their mark on our collective memory. All of them have been captured with finesse by the lens of photographer Jorge Brantmayer, whose work is a nod towards the pictorial, using real scenes from everyday life.

Photographer: Jorge Brantmayer | Curator: María de la Luz Hurtado | Art director: Camilo Yáñez | Researchers: Patrizio Gecele and Olaya Sanfuentes | Producer: Patrizio Gecele.

“Jorge Brantmayer is possibly the best photographer in Chile today”. —Revista Capital

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— Fragilidad y excesos: archivo abierto de la escena chilena 1983-1992 on social media

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