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Based on a moving testimonial book and with a cast of young actors, this piece tells the stories of children who have survived the Sename (Chile’s children’s home system).

Based on the book My Hell in the Sename by Edison Llanos, Feroz brings to the stage the stories of four children, who tell of everything they’ve seen and experienced in these children’s homes. These extreme testimonies aim to delve right into the heart-rending routine of their lives, no holds barred, in an attempt to give the main victims of the violence and death in this institution a voice. This production is a piece of experimental theater from the Teatro La Peste Research Center, a company that is celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 2019 and which, for the first time, has decided to work with a cast of mainly pre-teen children, who play the story’s main characters.

Written and directed by: Danilo Llanos Quezada | Cast: Alanis Ibáñez, Martina Ibáñez, Diego Jaramillo, Diego Becker, Felipe Carvajal, Daniella Misle | Assistant director: Francisco Ruiz | Original score: Nagasaki | Designers: Danilo Llanos and Luis Felipe González | Producer: Miguel Alvayay | Lighting designer: Jorge Espinoza | Audiovisual producer: Francisco Olmos | Technicians: Andrés Ulloa and Joaquín Huenufil | Technical manager: Eduardo Sepúlveda | Choreographer: Macarena Celsi | Photographs: Sebastián Olavarría | General producer: Gabriela Arancibia | Assistant producer: Andrés Ulloa.

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