Based on the play by Juan Radrigán Directed by Gonzalo Pinto


  • Spanish
  • 60 minutes
  • General Audience

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This heartrending text by playwright Juan Radrigán is back in musical form, with a repertoire bringing together actors and musicians in a moving concert that talks of love, death and isolation.

Once again, the poetry of renowned Chilean playwright Juan Radrigán is brought to life in this concert version of Fantasmas borrachos. Directed by Gonzalo Pinto, different artists - including actress and singer Annie Murath (Piaf, Mamma mía!), actor Francisco Melo and guest star National Award winner Fernando González, plus a string quartet led by Ángela Acuña - reconvene to portray Radrigán’s creative universe, putting to music and telling a story of life, death and isolation. The songs tell of a couple’s strange love-hate relationship. They reconcile after a torturous relationship characterized by abandonment, seeing themselves worn-out and disillusioned over time. In a downward spiral, they try and stay together and find the meaning of life. Theirs is an unrequited love, tainted by all the ghosts they’ve accumulated over the course of their pitiful lives.

Written by: Juan Radrigán | Directed by: Gonzalo Pinto Guerrero | Cast: Annie Murath, Gabriel Cañas, Francisco Melo and Fernando González | Musicians: Ángela Acuña, Daniella Rivera, Ángel Cárdenas, Mónica Betancourt, Marcelo Filippi | Assistant director: Jimena del Barrio | Original score: Ángela Acuña | Sound, costume and lighting designer: Laura Gandarillas | Sound engineer: Gonzalo Rodríguez | Audiovisuals: Aquiles Poblete

“It’s rare to see a piece put to music so competently and whose melodies - the true backbone of what happens on stage - manage to ebb and flow so intelligently”.

—El Mostrador

—Its impressive cast includes two of the most outstanding musical actors/singers in Chile - Annie Murath and Gabriel Cañas - who have won critical acclaim for their performances in this play. It also includes solid performances from Francisco Melo and Fernando González, plus a string quartet led by outstanding cellist Ángela Acuña.

—It both lays bare and brings to the fore Radrigán’s play. He was one of Chilean theater’s key playwrights and uses this piece to reflect on love and hate.

—Theatrical concert: This is a show whose music is interspersed with poems, recitals or texts that aren’t necessarily theatrical, as opposed to an opera or musical.

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