By Mauricio Wacquez In a version by Cristián Plana


  • Spanish
  • 70 minutes
  • +16

Named one of the best plays of 2019 by critics, this new production by Cristián Plana has award-winning actor Alfredo Castro starring in a provocative text by Chilean writer Mauricio Wacquez.

Renowned actor Alfredo Castro stars in this production of four texts by Chilean writer Mauricio Wacquez. This play, directed by Cristian Plana, looks into desire, absence and different forms of representation. Excesos involves a man who, given his overwhelming desire to find the woman he’s lost, decides to become her instead, making up for the absence of her love using his own body. The play goes far beyond the original story, adapting the texts Los domingos, La sonrisa en la boca and Frente a un hombre armado to present extracts from possible, intimate and raw scenes involving this couple. In Excesos, all the scenes are acted out by different versions of the main character and it also involves the acting of Felipe Zepeda and a soundtrack by Damián Noguera.

Original text: Mauricio Wacquez | Staging: Cristian Plana | Theatrical adaptation: Macarena Bertoni and Cristian Plana | Performers: Alfredo Castro and Felipe Zepeda | Sound designer: Damián Noguera | Costume designer: Francisca Román | Masks: Verónica Inostroza | Coproduced by: the GAM Center.

Excesos unfolds with a conceptual density and a radical willpower for experimentation that is rarely seen these days on our stages”.

—El Mercurio

Excesos trailer on YouTube

—“Excesos, a play of smoke and mirrors” – article about the play on the Teatro a Mil Foundation website

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