By E Quem É Gosta?


  • Portuguese, with Spanish subtitles
  • 100 minutes
  • +18

A play completely relevant to today’s Brazil, reflecting on what it means to be a ‘black artist’ in this country at a time of unbridled racism.

This show is a study on what it means to ‘be black’ in Brazil and - specifically - what it means to be a black artist in the country. Some of the initial questions and answers that influenced how this piece was constructed include how to discuss ‘being black’ and how to deal with the racial issues that are the result of unique experiences. On the other hand, how can theory be transferred to the stage? Using readings from the works of Fred Moten, Achille Mbembe, Bell Hooks, Grada Kilomba, Frantz Fanon (1925-1961), Sueli Cordeiro and Aimé Cesaire (1913-2008) - who dedicated themselves to studying racism and the culture of those descended from Africans - the group try to bring the issues they’ve been working on to life on stage. The aim is to show racism as a something structural in Brazil and how this norm is dissipated through all the levels of coexistence, with the desire to build strategies for dialogue about an attitude that still exists. ¿Esto es un negro? is the first piece from Sao Paolo group E Quem É Gosta?, directed by Tarina Quelho.

Cast: Ivy Souza, Lucas Wickhaus, Mirella Façanha and Raoni Garcia | Director: Tarina Quelho | Codirector: Lucas Brandão | Written by: Mirella Façanha and Tarina Quelho | Sound: Tom Monteiro | DJ: Fernanda Feliz | Lighting: Lucas Brandão | Set designer: Lam Matos | Photos: Rodrigo Oliveira | Producer: Dani Façanha.

“Here, theater as a chance to invent new ‘weapons’, new forms of poetry and new stories acts astutely and skillfully in the fight against racism”.

—Soraya Martins, Sao Paulo International Theater Festival

–It brings current topics that are sensitive to Brazilian and Latin American society to the stage, such as racism and social inequality, from the point of view of performers who have lived them for themselves.

–It’s an interesting exercise that tries to ‘go beyond’ the studies of various intellectuals on the topic of bodiy and dramatic styles. The company asks itself how it can turn theory into artistic practice.

¿Esto es un negro? trailer on YouTube

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