By David Foster Wallace Directed by Daniel Veronese

Argentina | Chile

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David Foster Wallace’s acclaimed play is brought to theater by a duo of mighty actors - Marcelo Alonso and Francisco Reyes - and the outstanding Argentine director Daniel Veronese.

In Encuentros breves con hombres repulsivos - a theatrical adaptation of David Foster Wallace’s novel by renowned Argentine director Daniel Veronese - there are two characters: A and B. Two actors interact and, during eight brief and independent meetings, switch from one role to another. The topics vary but all have something in common - contemporary masculinity in their relationships with women (whether these involve love, sex or even loss), putting the lack of communication between genders under scrutiny. Premiered in Argentina in July 2019 with local actors Marcelo Subiotto and Luis Ziembrowski, the Chilean version stars Marcelo Alonso (director of El padre and La última sesión de Freud) and Francisco Reyes (Lear, el rey y su doble, La desobediencia de Marte) and is also directed by Veronese.

Encuentros breves con hombres repulsivos is a Teatro a Mil Foundation and Finis Terrae Theater coproduction with T4 Theater Productions from Argentina.

Written by: David Foster Wallace | Director: Daniel Veronese | Cast: Francisco Reyes and Marcelo Alonso | Assistant director: Francisco Albornoz | Producer: Cristóbal Pizarro | Coproduced by: the Teatro a Mil Foundation and the Finis Terrae Theater.

“Almost a dozen short stories that strip down clear and obvious experiences as common as the ones seen here and turn them into something savage, because they are so recognizable”.

—La Nación, Buenos Aires

It’s a good yet different way of discovering the work of David Foster Wallace, a writer known for his uncomfortable, biting prose criticizing North American society in the eighties and nineties. This is seen in the script of Encuentros breves. After its premiere in Argentina, critics mainly highlighted how well-executed Veronese’s adaptation was, since it managed to convey this discomfort on stage. “With considerable clarity, the play involves a series of literary monologues and brief conversations that can be interpreted on two levels of repulsiveness: the things men do and the men who recount what they do”, said Argentine magazine Otra Parte.

—It’s an opportunity to see Francisco Reyes and Marcelo Alonso - two actors with many years in theater under their belts - who have never worked together in theater before. Both, however, have formed part of interesting ‘acting duos’ in the last few years. Marcelo Alonso was in the successful Sunset Limited with Roberto Farías and Francisco Reyes was in La desobediencia de Marte with Néstor Cantillana and Lear, el rey y su doble with Daniel Antivilo.

Its dynamics and content, which brutally reflect on some of the most intimate aspects of human behavior, which we can all identify with to some extent. In fact, Encuentros breves is part of trilogy by Daniel Veronese called Experiencia, which “looks into socially harsh issues that contrast with the everyday life we’d like to have and which, at the same time, are close to our hearts”, say its producers. The trilogy’s other pieces are La persona deprimida, also being performed at Santiago a Mil 2020 and Los arrepentidos, whose successful Chilean version starred Alfredo Castro and Rodrigo Pérez.

The Depressed Person: Included in Entrevistas breves con hombres repulsivos, this essay - written by David Foster Wallace in 1998 - is about a woman with depression who tries to get help by talking to either her therapist or a self-help group whose door is always open. It’s a text close to the writer’s heart, since he committed suicide 10 years later after suffering from the same condition.

—Literature and theater: Books are one of theater’s greatest sources. They emerged as part of the same genre, but the Romans separated them into different art forms. Only in the seventeenth century - when literacy began to improve - was a real distinction made, when novels, written for purely literary purposes, became more popular. Today, almost every important play has been adapted for theater or film. There are several at Santiago a Mil 2020: Plata quemada, based on the novel by Ricardo Piglia; Encuentros breves con hombres repulsivos, adapted from the text by David Foster Wallace and Confieso que he vivido, a theatrical concert based on Pablo Neruda’s memoires.

—Find out more about the life and work of David Foster Wallace in the film The End of the Tour, starring Jason Segel and Jesse Einsenberg.

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