By Teatrocinema


  • Spanish
  • 50 minutes
  • +3 años

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Teatrocinema puts on a show specially created for families for the first time.

El sueño de Mó is the first family-orientated play directed by Chilean company Teatrocinema, a group whose history spans more than ten years and who stand out for having created a style that fuses theater, cinema and comics. The play tells the story of Mó, a clown who wanders around trying to beat his feelings of loneliness. Talking about this piece, director Juan Carlos Zagal explained in an interview with La Tercera that “El sueño de Mó is the tale of a prince who’s going to save a princess; a new version of this archetype. For the world around him to flourish, it’s suggested that Mó has to get in touch with his feminine side, like the Chinese principal of balance between yin and yang, light and dark”.

Company: Teatrocinema | General director: Juan Carlos Zagal | Original script: Juan Carlos Zagal, Laura Pizarro, Daniel Gallo, Christian Aguilera, Julián Marras, Sofía Zagal

Cast: Daniel Gallo | Original score: Juan Carlos Zagal | Animation and post-production:

Francisco Jullian, Vittorio Meschi, Sebastián Pinto and Max Rosenthal | Stage puppeteers: Laura Pizarro, Julián Marras and Christian Aguilera | Technical director: Luis Alcaide | Art director: Teatrocinema | Multimedia director: Teatrocinema |

Lighting designer and operator: Luis Alcaide | Soundtrack operator: Juan Ignacio Morales | Assistant director: Sofía Zagal

Multimedia programmer: Mirko Petrovich

“El sueño de Mó brings back the artisanal quality and body-language of Pizarro and Zagal’s first group (also made up of Jaime Lorca). It’s here we see the delicate assembly of objects, exuberant but less technological visuality and, above all, a naive aspect to the story, leaving behind the more somber tones of Sin sangre, Historia de amor or the more recent Plata quemada”. —Culturizarte

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