By Ave Lola Directed by Ana Rosa Tezza


  • Spanish and Portuguese
  • 60 minutes
  • +8 años

Based on the story of the same name by García Lorca, this intimate and moving piece introduces children to complex topics like love, loss and death.

El maleficio de la mariposa, a production based on the text of the same name by Federico García Lorca, is an adventure that deals gently with universal literature’s most important of feelings, something both delicate and immense: love. In the poetic setting of a garden, minute creatures love and suffer just like humans do, because a love that’s impossible is a problem for any heart, whether poet or insect. “Love happens with the same intensity at all levels of life and the very rhythm of the nostalgia in the air has its roots in the morning. Everything’s the same in nature”, says García Lorca. In this case, Brazilian company Ave Lola depicts one character’s unbridled passion for a mysterious butterfly, using actors and puppets interacting onstage. The audience can interpret what occurs in a variety of ways - from a metaphysical reflection on life and love to the simple and tragic story of two young people in love.

Directed by: Ana Rosa Tezza | Written by: Federico García Lorca | Cast: Evandro Santiago, Helena Tezza and Ailén Roberto | Musical score: Jean-Jacques Lemêtre | An Ave Lola creation | Producers: Dara van Doorn and Laura Tezza | Press, Publicity and Marketing: Larissa Mayra de Lima.

“In this intimate production, the 11 characters on stage shine a light on the loss of human values and how much pain this can cause”.

—Globo Teatro

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