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  • No spoken language, just songs in Spanish, French, Italian and Latin
  • 40 minutes without an intermission
  • General Audience

Advertencia All ages. No seating; snow and confetti fall over the audience

A large-scale celebration of love that travels through the streets of different towns in the country: a party that everyone’s invited to.

El jardín de los ángeles recreates a couple’s wedding reception, with everyone dancing and flying around to celebrate their love They’re surrounded by good company in the form of musicians and creatures who seem to have come right out of a fairy tale. This story is inspired by the tradition of the bouquet brides carry, initially made up of flowers believed to scare away ghosts and get rid of bad vibes. These newlyweds receive a group of guardian angels as a gift and the audience, in the street, is the guest of honor. Created by Belgian company Theater Tol as an open-air piece, this production is a celebration everyone’s invited to: a world where animals, fantasy and people merge while the angels come down from heaven. El jardín de los ángeles has been presented in countries like Singapore, Mexico, Australia and Belgium. In Chile, the group took part in Santiago a Mil in 2015 with their acclaimed play Pedaleando hacia el cielo.

Artistic director: Lot Seuntjens | Costume designer: Lisette Henst | Coaches and technical staff: Elfje Duchateau, Bram Bohez, Lukas Verdijk, Aline Deleu | Producer in Chile: Carmina Escardo Carulla | Performers: Bram Van Eenoo, Angel Calvo Pérez, Dick Vandaele, Wies Goedhart, Stella Göke, Charlotte Kah, Stefaan Cleiren, plus local performers | Chilean performers: Melanie Rossel, Camila Vildosola, Carolina Perez, Belén Vargas, Luciana Mosca, Josefina Rozic, Fanny Moreno, Natalia Mercado | Chilean performers coordinator: Pablo Garrido | Produced by: the Flandes Region.

“The famous Theater Tol puts on an impressive show”.

Het Laatste Nieuws, Belgium

—It’s a world-class show for all the family. Theater Tol is one of the most important passacaglia companies in Europe and a regular guest at open-air theater festivals, for example Theater aan Twater in Belgium. They’ve also taken part in large-scale events, such as the Olympic Games (they put on a series of presentations at London 2012 in the framework of the cultural shows held as part of this sporting event), the opening of the Tour

de France and different celebrations in their country Belgium, where they’re a New Year staple. “The Theatre Tol show is the best example yet that New Year doesn’t begin and end with fireworks”, said Het Laatste Nieuws, the most-read newspaper in Belgium.

—Their shows are interdisciplinary and actively involve the community. They include songs, dance, acrobatics and aerial theater and the audience plays a key role in how the story is told. In the case of El jardín de los ángeles, the audience is the guest of honor at this celebration of love, with various scenes inspired by the paintings of Belorussian-French artist Marc Chagall, who always used to incorporate floating figures in his work.

—It’s an ideal opportunity to look at public areas in a different way. This is TOL’s main aim: for spectators to see where they live with new eyes. That’s why they never perform in conventional theaters and their favorite stages are old factories, parks, town squares or riverbanks.

—Passacaglia: This concept has a dual meaning: it’s either an old courtesan dance developed in Spain or a kind of music with a very lively rhythm that music groups and street musicians used to play at popular seventeenth century street festivals. This term is used nowadays to refer to street theater shows that involve live music.

—Street theater: This is the name given to outdoor theater presentations in public which don’t charge an entrance fee, performed on urban stages so a large number of people can see them. It emerged as a way of emancipating the working-class and reinforcing the revolutionary feeling against the powers-that-be at the beginning of the twentieth century. Later, it was developed as a way of making theater more democratic and of taking it to different parts of the city.

—Aerial theater: This is the name given to a discipline that mixes elements of physical theater and acrobatic techniques in order to tell a story.

—Belgian theater: Belgium is a country with six million inhabitants and an important cutting-edge theater output, explained by a lack of a classical repertoire and by huge institutional support for the discipline. Spanish newspaper El País has highlighted it as “one of the great motors of contemporary European theater”, thanks to names such as Jan Fabre, Miet Warlop, Guy Cassiers, Alain Platel, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Fabrice Murgia and Jan Lauwers.

—Marc Chagall: A Belorussian-French painter (1887-1985), his work was characterized by bright colors and figures from the countryside, religion, magic and dreams. Chagall’s main inspiration came from his childhood memories, which he mixed with his religious beliefs and political engagement.

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