By Heiner Müller In a version by Colectivo The Braiers Directed by Néstor Cantillana


  • Spanish
  • 45 minutes
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Advertencia +16

Directed by outstanding actor Néstor Cantillana, this play uses rock to bring to life a text by Heiner Müller about Horatius, a Roman warrior who was both hero and murderer.

Written by German playwright Heiner Müller in 1968, El Horacio tells of the battle against the Etruscans and the leadership struggle between Horatius from Rome and Curiatius from Alba, who is also the lover of Horacio’s sister. After killing Curiatius in a fight, Horatius returns to Rome victorious. However, his sister blames him for killing her lover and he ends up killing her too, arguing that no Roman can ‘cry for an enemy’. The people have to decide Horatius’ fate, hailing him as a hero first but then trying him as a murderer, honoring his body but then throwing it to the dogs. This Chilean version, directed by Néstor Cantillana, is a musical theatrical concert in a beatnik style, with actors not playing specific characters but telling the story like modern-day troubadours, taking to the battlefield with a band made up of guitar, electric bass and drums.

Director: Néstor Cantillana | Cast: Igor Cantillana, Pablo Schwarz, Heidrun Breier, Macarena Teke, Álvaro Espinoza, Eduardo Herrera, Gonzalo Muñoz | Musicians: Gabriel Muñoz Breier and Cristián Correa | Costume designer: Daniel Bagnara | Set designer: Belén Abarza | Graphic designer: Javier Pañella | Producer: Inés Bascuñán | Coproduced by: the Teatro a Mil Foundation.

Interview with Néstor Cantillana about the premiere of El Horacio

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