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La Otra Zapatilla Teatro brings back the work of Alfonso Alcalde to put on a production that depicts everyday scenes from socially marginalized coastal towns in southern Chile

El absurdo tesoro de la miseria is a play for all the family by Concepción-based theater company La Otra Zapatilla, created using three stories by Chilean writer and playwright Alfonso Alcalde: Zapatos para Estubigia, Paraíso para uno and El peregrino del Golfo. This play brings up and deals with the worrying aspects of social exclusion, starting with the uncertainty that comes with living on the coast and the bars and liquor stores where people quench their thirst and drink enough to sink a ship. Then comes the poverty associated with circus artists, who end up abandoning this art form to become workers and just another cog in the machine. Then there’s prison, where you end up when there’s nowhere else to go, because there’s never enough wine to paper over the cracks and there’s always blood spilt to pay for the next round. Finally, there’s the sea - always the sea -and the racket it makes as a pounding soundtrack bringing people to life. None of the characters fit in; they’re all socially excluded.

Directed by: Óscar Cifuentes | Written by: La Otra Zapatilla| Cast: Patricia Michele, Juan Barracuda, Daniel Espinosa, Óscar Silva, Rodrigo Mella, Maira Perales, Monserrat Cifuentes and Valentina Vergara | Costume designer: Maira Perales | Costume creator: Oriana Salgado | Lighting: Mauricio Campos | Producer: Orly Pradena | Coproduced by: the Artistas del Acero Cultural Corporation.

“La Otra Zapatilla is one of the most outstanding companies of its kind in Concepción at the moment”.

—El Sur

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