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  • Spanish
  • 90 minutes
  • +10 años

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One of the most acclaimed plays by Teatro Aleph - the iconic company based in France and directed by Oscar Castro - returns to the stage once more with Aleph Chile.

A playwright gets locked in a theater after the rest of the people have left. Alone among the props from several plays, he comes across characters from the past, who wander around his memory looking to be resurrected and gain new life from moments of comedy and tragedy. The events of an already-distant September 11 and the emblematic figure of Salvador Allende - who carried the dreams of the people with him on his quest for justice and freedom – start to surface.

Premiered by Teatro Aleph in Paris in 1996, this play – written by the company’s founder, Oscar Castro and directed by the now deceased director of Egyptian origin Adel Hakim – has been brought back to the Chilean stage by Teatro Aleph Chile. It’s directed by Gabriela Olguín, has a Chilean cast and will be performed at the Sala Juieta, the company’s venue in La Cisterna, Santiago.

Cast: Oscar Castro, Gabriela Olguín, Atenea Lagos, Jose Zambelli, Daniel Zambelli, Sergio Bravo, Alfredo Cifuentes, Camila Molina, Nahuel Vasquez, Ruben Casanova, Valentina Morales | Choreography: Sylvie Miqueu | Music: Ignacio Hernandez.

“A magnificent play, with theater, that place of illusions and words, plus politics, where ideas become action, join together for the better”.

—Le Monde

—It’s a play that has been critically acclaimed in France for its combination of theatricality and events from Chilean political history and has been performed for several seasons.

—It’s an opportunity to see Oscar Castro on stage in the role of the playright who revives the figure of Allende.

The French Teatro Aleph’s official YouTube channel

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