Directed by Ernesto Orellana Gómez


  • Spanish
  • 90 minutes
  • +13

Advertencia includes smoke effects, strobe lighting and onstage nudity

A ‘performance-conference’ that gives both a voice and prominence to artists looking to make an important and vital issue visible: discrimination against minorities.

Using the name of an essay by filmmaker and writer Pier Paolo Pasolini, this performance-conference stars five young and sexually dissident artists who analyze how the sexual violence they’ve suffered has been constructed culturally. They take their inspiration from the critical theories of feminist writers like Monique Wittig, María Galindo, Judith Butler and Nelly Richard and from the work of transsexual philosopher Paul B. Preciado. This production is part of a series that actor and director Ernesto Orellana Gómez has called “trans-dramatic”, because it mixes the performing arts, sexually dissident activism, queer theory and critical thought. Taking part in this play are Marcelo Fuentes (26), an actor, nightclub dancer, performer and transvestite activist; Carol Dominick (27), an actress, sex worker, Margen Foundation activist for sex workers’ rights in Chile and porn star; Charly Bernal (23), an actor-in-training, trans-lesbian activist, DJ and performer; Matías Guzmán (27), an actor, poet, teacher and HIV positive activist and Rocío Hormazábal (36), an activist, plus-size model, self-taught actress and photographer and author of the Chica XXXXXL calendar.

Original idea and directed by: Ernesto Orellana Gómez | Assistant director and sound: Macarena Guzmán Rivas | Cast: Marcelo Fuentes Morán, Charlie Bernal Lufin, Rocío Hormazábal Vallecillo, Carolina Dominik and Matías Guzmán Farías | Set, costume and lighting designer: Fernanda González Herrada | Leaflet photography: Paz Errázuriz | Graphic designer: Ignacio Solís | Producer: Rodrigo Escobar | Assistant producer: Esteban González | Videos and audiovisual editing: Wincy Oyarce | Mapping consultant: Óscar Llauquén.

–It puts the spotlight on real-life testimonies that deal with intolerance, ignorance and the lack of public policies that respect gender diversity.

–Its appealing format blends fiction and reality, forcing the audience to constantly rethink the concepts of sexual dissidence, violence, gender and feminism.

—Website of director Ernesto Orellana

—Teaser of Demasiada libertad sexual les convertirá en terroristas on YouTube

—Website of performer Rocío Hormazábal

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