By the Shenzhen Arts Company


  • 70 minutes, without an intermission
  • General Audience

A piece that combines acrobatics, dance, music and elements of traditional Chinese culture, starring one of the country’s most important artistic groups.

Brought to the stage by the Shenzhen Arts Company - made up of members of the Opera Theater and the city’s School of Arts - Cuatro caballeros entre las flores is a show that combines traditional Chinese dance with acrobatics, music, song and folklore. Its name pays tribute to the country’s culture, where the plum blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum are known as ‘four noble ones among flowers’, representing some of man’s virtues. The Chinese plum blossom stands for nobility; the orchid stands for purity and tranquility; the bamboo stands for modesty and the chrysanthemum represents distance from the chaos of the crowd. This production was created specifically for Santiago a Mil 2020, an event the group already took part in in 2018 with Al sur del sur.

Artistic director: Liu Xingfan | Dancers: An Yining, Wu Yongqi, Li Jianting, Zhang Jiakai, Tang Zixin, Li Hongxi, Qu Yanan, Yang Ningru | Acrobats: Xin Yuan, Li Ruijuan, Zhang Ke, Zhang Shuping, Wu Dong, Wang Kai | Musics: Li Fanmo, Zhang Lei, Yang Yingying, Yuan Yilin, Lai Lishan, Wu Xuanxuan, Jin Renbo, Ma Yingying | Singer: Fan Yuanyan | Drums: Yu Lei | Keyboard: Bo Sang | Bass: Zeng Ni | Guitar: Su Xiaofeng | Light and sound: Huang Hongye | Stage manager: Huang He.

It’s a great way to find out more about Chinese culture. The show combines both art and history in its costumes and dances, as well as in its lyrics and musical instruments like the zhongruan (a string instrument), the bamboo flute and the ehru (Chinese violin).

Its striking visuals, combining beautiful costumes and sets with the technical skill of its artistic numbers. In fact, the company gets invited to lead Chinese New Year celebrations in different parts of the world every single year.

—Its top-class artists: musicians, acrobats and singers from China’s most important arts schools, directed by dancer Huang Qicheng, one of the country’s most outstanding artists.

—Shenzhen: This is a city of 12 million inhabitants on the Canton province’s coast in southern China. It’s known as the country’s ‘Silicon Valley’, famous for its economic and technological development, with companies like Huawei and ZTE having their headquarters here.

—Chinese New Year: This is the most important celebration in Chinese culture and marks the first day of the first month in the traditional Chinese calendar. When exactly it is celebrated depends on the phases of the moon and the solar year. In 2020, it will take place on Saturday, January 25.

—The zhongruan and the ehru: Both are traditional string instruments from China. The zhongruan is similar to a lute, with four strings, played by hand or with a plectrum and the two-stringed ehru, played with a bow. In Cuatro caballeros entre las flores, both instruments have solos.

Article on the Shenzhen Art Company’s performance in Pudahuel as part of Santiago a Mil 2018.

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