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The most successful international Uruguayan playwright is back with a heart-rending production that deals with topics like euthanasia, necrophilia, love and death.

Along the same lines as the autofiction that French-Uruguayan playwright Sergio Blanco

has been delving into for several years, his latest piece - Cuando pases sobre mi tumba - tells of the last days of its lead character’s life. After organizing his assisted suicide in a luxury clinic in Geneva and deciding to give his body to a young necrophiliac interned in a psychiatric hospital in London, the story follows his different meetings with Doctor Godwin - in charge of bringing about his death - and the young man who’ll receive his body. Cuando pases sobre mi tumba speaks not so much of death as of eroticism, passion and desire as the inevitable impulses behind any living experience. It’s also a metaphysical dissertation about the political status of post-mortem bodies. Who do cadavers belong to? Sergio Blanco wrote this play by hand in the blood of a bull who had died in a bull fight. “Cuando pases sobre mi tumba is a text about such incarnate issues that could only be written in blood”, he says..

Written and directed by: Sergio Blanco | Performers: Alfonso Tort, Gustavo Saffores and Enzo Vogrincic | Visual designer: Miguel Grompone | Set and lighting: Laura Leifert and Sebastian Marrero | Wardrobe: Laura Leifert | Sound designer: Fernando Tato Castro | Vocal preparation: Pablo Routin | Instrumental preparation: Federico Zavadszky | Graphic designer: Augusto Giovanetti | Photography: Nairí Aharonián | Press and publicity: Valeria Piana | Social media: Matías Pizzolanti | Assistant director: Felipe Ipar | Assistant producer: Danila Mazzarelli | General and tour producer: Matilde López Espasandín | A Marea Productora production | Coproduced by: the Uruguay International Performing Arts Festival; the Buenos Aires International Festival and Teatro Solís | Presented by: Banco Itaú.

–It deals with a current, controversial and highly debated issue: euthanasia or a person’s right to ask for an assisted suicide. In the play, Blanco also talks about necrophilia, but as a concept that goes way beyond sex with a dead body.

–To find out more about Blanco’s work. He’s one of the world’s most renowned Uruguayan playwrights and his plays are normally based on the drives of Eros and Thanatos: love, eroticism and death.

Trailer of Cuando pases sobre mi tumba on YouTube

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