By Daniela Marini and Pablo López


  • 38 minutes
  • +10 años

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A creation that uses the body’s main organ to talk about ‘human beings’, bringing together dance, medicine, affection and feelings.

Corazón is the first part of the Anatomía, la mirada de los otros project, a collaboration between theater producer Daniela Marini and doctor and composer Pablo López. Together, they suggest a field of experimentation whose main material is the body and how it is made up biologically; as a result, questions emerge about what is cinematic, emotional and sociopolitical in a dialogue between medicine and dance. This pair is interested in investigating movement and its direct relationship with corporality and viscerality, creating an open but inconclusive corporal outline, which is completed by the meeting between the spectator’s body/thoughts/movement. This piece was developed in the framework of a residency at the NAVE Center for Creation and Residencies.

Co-created by: Daniela Marini and Pablo López | Choreography: Daniela Marini | Music: Pablo López | Performers: Daniela Marini and Pablo López | Technical assistants: Nicolás Cottet and Rodrigo Alvayay.

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