By Los Fi


  • Spanish
  • 70 minutes
  • +6

Advertencia +6. Strobe lighting, smoke effects, loud music

A cheerful musical with a powerful message about valuing diversity and looking after the environment.

This musical aims to raise the awareness of children, youngsters and adults regarding how the objects that surround us are made and the importance of starting to take responsibility for the waste we create, especially the electronic kind. Divided into 16 songs, with eight actors on stage and a set created from electronic items no longer in use, the show tackles the different issues related to producing and consuming products (for example, how raw materials are extracted, planned obsolescence, the toxic parts of batteries, landfills and garbage that is burnt).

The whole show is an opportunity for the audience to learn about the world that surrounds us and is a call to reconsider the kind of place we want to live in. That’s why the play explains how extracting, consuming and getting rid of things not only makes the world dirty but also exhausts its natural resources. As a result, it suggests the ‘Law of the Three Rs’: reduce consumption, reuse as much as possible and recycle only as a last resort.

Written and directed by: Josep Ramió | Cast: Alejandra Castro, Josep Ramió,

Leys Saleh, David Olivares, Josefina Yáñez, Valentina Bustos, Andrea Schwartzmann,

Fernanda Villavicencio, Bastián del Río | Sound engineer Diego Sepúlveda |

Lighting Ariel Valenzuela | Audiovisual producer Geraldine Blanch | Set, costume and lighting designers Laura Nuñez and Christian Campi.

“An entertaining piece that deals with this issue with music made using the body and everyday objects”.

El Ciudadano

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