By the University of Antofagasta Theater Company Directed by Jaime Lorca


  • Spanish
  • 75 minutes
  • +12

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Topics like contamination, centralism, immigration and life in mining towns feature in this play directed by renowned Chilean actor Jaime Lorca.

Every year, a group of people living on the outskirts of Antofagasta prepare a show to celebrate their neighborhood’s anniversary. This time, their source of inspiration is a leader who used to live there and who will serve as the basis for telling the area’s story. However, the arrival of a new member of the group - someone from Santiago who comes to work in the mines - and the secret business he has with the head of the neighborhood association unleash a conflict that will destroy the harmony in the neighborhood, which has been peaceful up to then. In this situation, the community’s real concerns are revealed: increasing immigration, contamination and intolerance in a town affected by mining. Caporal is directed by renowned actor and director Jaime Lorca, with a script by Antofagasta-born playwright and scriptwriter Rodrigo Gijón.

Guest director: Jaime Lorca | Original idea by: Jaime Lorca, Rodrigo Gijón | Written by: Rodrigo Gijón |Cast: Jorge González, Ángel Lattus, Raúl Rocco, Ornella Rocco, Pamela Meneses, Sebastián Bretón, Viannis Díaz, Alejandro Durán, Christian Godoy, Roxana Khamg, Pamela Trujillo | Audio operator: Claudio Ortiz | Lighting operator: Guillermo Cortés | Technical support: Lorena Quezada and Eduardo Pérez

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