By Álvaro Pizarro


  • 35 minutes
  • +10 años

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An engaging butoh dance piece that transmits a fundamental message for our times about how our behavior threatens nature.

Árbol is a butoh dance piece: a journey through the body and its silence and a political and poetic piece that questions how we behave in connection to nature. Highlighting the body as the source of all life, it positions the destruction of nature as the main problem faced by humanity. Premiered in 2018, this play was one of the most seen at the Third International Butoh Festival (FIBUTOH Chile) held at the Camilo Henríquez Theater. In February 2019, it was part of the First Pichilemu Dance Festival and had successful runs in the following months at different venues. This piece stars actor and dancer Álvaro Pizarro, with an original score by composer Jorge Aliaga played on the cello by Isidora O’Ryan.

Directed and performed by: Álvaro Pizarro | Musical score: Jorge Aliaga | Cello: Isidora O’Ryan | Costume designer and creator: Beatriz Zamora | Make-up: Karola Lucavechi | Set and lighting designer: Pedro Villarnau | Sound technician and audiovisual projections: Diego Elgueta | Audiovisuals and recording: Luis Miguel Méndez | Graphic designer: Macarena Escobar | Producer: María Paz Durán | Press and publicity: Naiara Murguialday.

–It uses dance to convey a powerful message about how we, as human beings, are destroying the environment.

–Álvaro Pizarro, the star, is one of the most important butoh performers in Chile.

—Butoh dance: This style was created in 1950 - after the Second World War - by Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata and focuses on reflecting on the body and its place in the universe. It has no specific kind of set or costume, with performers usually nude or painted white. Improvisation is fundamental to this style of dance and the idea is not to think about what you’re doing, but to feel it.

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