By Makuyeika, Colectivo Teatral | Directed by Héctor Flores Komatsu


  • Spanish, Mayan, Tzotzil and Zapotec
  • 75 minutes
  • +13

One of the stand-out stars of Mexican theater, Héctor Flores Komatsu, directs this production, which delves into the life of native Mexican youngsters and the challenges they face, their fears and their desires.

Andares is a theatrical creation about the journeys and experiences of four native Mexican tribes, using personal stories, ancestral cosmogonies and different native arts and music. The play is an honest and challenging reflection what native people face at the junction between modern and traditional life. Four stories are told on stage. Maychi is a young Mayan who questions the glorious past of his people in an uncertain present. Xhunco is a ‘third gender’ (muxe) woman who challenges her place in Zapotec culture. Lupe, a young Wixarika (Huichol) man, is tormented by the fact he hasn’t been able to kill a stag like his ancestors. A son jarocho musician sings in the face of the waves of violence that have battered his home in the Sotavento region. Together, their journeys make up a living mosaic of today’s Mexico. This play was created by Makuyeika: Colectivo Teatral, a group founded by actor and director Héctor Flores Komatsu, who carried out in-depth research for a year all over Mexico as an inaugural member of The Julie Taymor World Theater Fellowship.

Director: Héctor Flores Komatsu | Cast: Josué Maychi, Lupe de la Cruz, Domingo Mijangos | Music: Kaleb Oseguera León | Assistant director: Nicté Cházaro | Lighting: Bryan Guerrero.

“It’s not a folkloric tale, but rather a contradictory and at times celebratory play, whose emotional charge is the result of the actors’ narrative power”.

—Letras Libres

–It deals with a topic that’s extremely relevant in Latin America right now: the debate about native people’s place in a country’s culture. Mexican newspaper La jornada maya called Andares “the urgent voice of contemporary native theater”.

–It’s a play that is currently touring the world’s main theater festivals and circuits. Before coming to Santiago a Mil 2020, Andares was performed at Under the Radar in New York and at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, Germany.

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