By MAU Mapuche Directed by Lemi Ponifasio

Chile | Nueva Zelanda

  • Mapudungun and Spanish
  • 70 minutes
  • +15

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Two Chileans - a Mapuche singer and a flamenco dancer - take to the spotlight in an exploration of the history and memory of two worlds by this outstanding Maori creator.

Love to Death (Amor a la muerte) brings together two Chilean artists - singer and Mapuche composer, Elisa Avendaño Curaqueo and contemporary flamenco dancer, Natalia García-Huidobro. Their voices and bodies weave together in a ceremony reflecting their own stories: two lives that reflect both Chile’s history and the search for a future. This new creation by renowned Samoan artist Lemi Ponifasio - with MAU Mapuche, the company he formed in Chile in 2015 - touches on topics such as the reality of the Mapuche people, the relationship between people and nature, the ‘female being’ and the balance of power, as well as questioning identity and destiny. This is Ponifasio’s third time in Chile, as he returns to Santiago a Mil after presenting Birds with skymirrors in 2013, I am Mapuche in 2015 and Ceremonia Performance MAU Mapuche in 2016.

Director: Lemi Ponifasio | Cast: Elisa Avendaño, Natalia García-Huidobro | Choreographies: Lemi Ponifasio and Natalia García-Huidobro | Sound and music: Elisa Avendaño Curaqueo and Lemi Ponifasio | Coproduced by: the Teatro a Mil Foundation and Grec Festival.

“His pieces, in which light and dark fight against each other and black challenges white, engulf the audience in something ceremonial; a reflection on cosmogony”-

—Festival d’Avignon

—“The Mapuches have asked me to tell the world their story and that’s what I’ll do” – Interview with Lemi Ponifasio about Amor a la muerte in La Tercera

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