By La Otra Zapatilla


  • Spanish
  • 45 minutes
  • General Audience

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An entertaining, family-orientated show whose aim is to raise awareness about the effects of global warming on the earth’s future.

This story is played out in the near future. It’s 2070 and living conditions on earth have reached catastrophic proportions due to global warming. A TV crew arrives in the Chilean Antarctic to film the last ever documentary on animals. There are still icecaps that have not melted in that part of the world, although there’s no food to survive. A polar bear, a penguin, a sea lion, a Central American green turtle and a ringed seal star in this play with an extremely relevant message for new generations, aiming to raise awareness about the damage climate change causes, not only to our country but also to animals.

Director: Óscar Cifuentes | Written by: Ingrid Fierro from Teatro Resistencia | Cast: Patricia Michele, Juan Barracuda, Daniel Espinosa, Carolina Henríquez, Rodrigo Mella, Marcos Camus, Monserrat Cifuentes and Juan Cifuentes | Music: Óscar Silva | Set, costume and lighting designer: Loreto Urrutia | Lighting: Jenifer Salas | Producer: Orly Pradena | Audiovisual teaser: Ángela Jarpa and Felipe Roa | Coproduced by: Artistas del Acero.

—An entertaining and visually attractive story, it conveys a message about the urgent need to look after the planet to its family-based audience.

—This play won the first ever Best Play for Children and Adolescents Award at the International Family Theater Festival (FAMFEST) in 2017.

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