Country Chile

Discipline Theater

Recomended for +8 años

Duration 75 minutes

Language Spanish

Dates January 12, Putaendo

An entertaining adaptation of the European writer’s classic

El Nortero

In this appropriation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, former jester in King Hamlet’s court Yorick - represented by the famous skull in the original version - recounts the tragedy of his dear friend, young Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, from an attic or purgatory where lost souls wander and after a few bottles of wine. The ghost of the dead king appears before the prince, half frightening him to death. His ears ring with the horrible accusations made against his Uncle Claudius, demands for vengeance and the ongoing plea, “Remember me forever”. Surprise and melancholy overcome this solitary young man, while the criminals laugh behind his back. Hamlet swears he’ll never forget his murdered father but - romantic, righteous, noble and with high morals - he lacks the bodily force heroes normally need and succumbs to a weight he tries to bear but can’t stand or get rid of.

This one-man piece stars actor Francisco Reyes, who tells the story by becoming each of the tragedy’s characters.

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Simón Reyes


Having studied theater and theater directing at the Puckschule Experimental School in Stuttgart, he learnt acting and directing under Michael Chejov. In 2014, he directed Yorick, la historia de Hamlet, a traveling theater play that went back to theater’s roots by using a storyteller. That same year, he directed the dramatized readings of Shakespeare450 with Néstor Cantillana and Gary Counsil in the framework of the Shakespeare festival commemorating 450 years since his birth.

Director Simón Reyes Oliva | Actor Francisco Reyes Morandé | Singer Rocío Reyes Romero | Video actor José Soza | Video producer Luis Pablo Román | Set and technician Cristián Reyes Vera | Assistant technicians Rodrigo Leal, Cristián Matta |
Sound designer Miguel Miranda | Costumer designer and creator José Luis Plaza
| Graphic designer Soledad Poirot Oliva | Musical arrangements Marcelo Vergara | Sound operator Patricio Pinto | Lighting operator Gaspar Garrós | Audiovisual register Nicolás Venegas | Artistic photographer Rodrigo Campusano | Adaptation and translation Simón R. y Francisco R. | Editor Pablo Concha | Rehearsal coordinator Carlos Sotomayor | Rehearsal consultant Patricio Schiappacasse | Producer SuperArte Producciones

  • Described by its creators as “an appropriation of Hamlet”, this play is a unique and original piece that breathes new life into the Shakespeare classic. El Mercurio indicates that “the starting-point of Yorick is the jester who appears in the story of Hamlet and entertains him during his childhood. He’s already dead by the time Shakespeare’s story begins and his is the skull that Hamlet uses in his famous monologue. What Simón and Francisco Reyes have done is to bring him to life: putting him on stage in the middle of purgatory”.

  • This production was conceived as a travelling play for remote parts of Chile that have no cultural infrastructure. This also allows for the storytelling format to be explored, “going from village to village telling a story”, as Francisco Reyes says.

  • Yorick includes key universal issues, as Francisco Reyes explains in El Nortero: “Contrary to what people believe, (this isn’t) a literary master class (…). Hamlet puts you on stage and makes continuously ask yourself what you’re doing, how you feel and where you’re going, leading to a very interesting interaction with the audience”. Simón Reyes adds in El Mercurio that “theater makes sense when you’re in a community. Yorick fulfills the role of a Greek chorus, letting us take a look at ourselves through our own stories”.

  • This production is a project involving a family dedicated to the performing arts. Yorick is directed by Simón Reyes, acted by Francisco Reyes (his father) and involves the participation of opera singer Rocío Reyes, the director’s sister.
  • The project’s origins. The idea of Yorick, la historia de Hamlet, emerged after a trip father and son Simón and Francisco Reyes took to the Amazon, during which they wanted to create “a moving and motivating play”, as they said in El Mercurio. “Pancho was interested in it because it’s a powerful drama with many layers. I was interested in it because it involves words. Nowadays, theater is closely related to expression, movement and dance. The actor is much more prominent than the playwright, than the storyteller (..). To me, Hamlet is one of the wittiest comebacks dealing with individuals, culture and human nature”, explains Simón Reyes.

An entertaining adaptation of the European writer’s classic

El Nortero