Country Chile

Discipline Family theater

Recomended for +6

Duration 60 minutes

Language Spanish

Dates January 12 and 13, 15.00h

Warning Smoke machine used

A demonstration of physical and ritualistic skill that maintains a traditional Chinese style

El Mercurio

A long time ago in distant China, the tyrannical Emperor Li Shi Ming stole the town of Pingtan’s greatest treasure: Kung, a red lion, guardian of abundance and good fortune. Kung is chained up in the imperial palace, where Wukong, the court jester, is given the job of looking after him and must visit him every night to cheer him up with his jokes and acrobatics. One day though, the prized lion escapes and Wukong must go after the animal and find him before the terrible Smiling Ministers, Dao and Dung, do. Thus begins this adventure by La Huella Teatro, the renowned company from Antofagasta that is celebrating its fifteenth birthday with this production. A dynamic and captivating show for all the family, it combines physical skill, traditional Chinese rituals and live music. Drums, cymbals and a gong, as well as martial arts and choreography, are some of the thing used in the amazing journey Kung and Wukong, two friends in search of freedom, embark on.

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La Huella Teatro

La Huella Teatro is an independent company from Antofagasta with a history spanning 15 years on the Chilean stage. It was founded in 2004 by actress Alejandra Rojas and, since then, has focused on adopting new theatrical styles and recovering memories. Their work involves a search for a theatrical identity connected to northern Chile’s human and geographical landscape. La Huella have performed on Easter Island and in Visviri, Ollagüe, Valparaíso, Santiago and Punta Arenas and in countries such as Cuba, Italy, Peru, Argentina and Ecuador.

Director Alejandra Rojas | Cast Andrés Sánchez, Ornella Rocco, Juan Pablo Reyes | Storyteller and live music Amarilis Rojas | Producer and technical manager Romina Roa

  • La Huella Teatro is a prestigious company founded in Antofagasta, which is celebrating fifteen years of memory being the main part of its creations as a result of theatrical and investigative studies on different subjects. Their contribution has also been felt on a cultural level: they created the Identidades Festival, with seminars, residencies, shows and exhibitions in Antofagasta, positioning the city as northern Chile’s cultural capital.

  • It’s a colorful and fast-paced show full of acrobatics and music. “It takes the audience on a fun and novel journey full of skill, choreography and surprises”, says the company, as well as teaching us important lessons. “Freedom is something that belongs to everyone and prosperity’s a gift to be shared”, says the company.

  • Wukong is a production with visuals and sounds that audiences of all ages will enjoy. “We wanted to create a family play involving Chinese rituals, as well as something fun in which children could take part. We also wanted it to be something that dealt with universal concepts such as the abuse of power, the act of sharing, freedom and friendship”, explains director Alejandra Rojas.

  • The company’s research into Chinese culture is one of the features that critics have most highlighted. “It’s a play that revives Chinese traditions and rituals (…) We researched the country’s imagery, we studied the dance of the Chinese lion and the actors had to learn both the music to go with this dance and part of the prosperity ritual”.

A demonstration of physical and ritualistic skill that maintains a traditional Chinese style

El Mercurio