Country Chile

Discipline Music

Recomended for +6

Duration 75 minutes

Language Spanish

Dates January 11, 21.00h

The musical talent that is Francisco Sánchez, director of the unmistakable minstrel theater company Tryo Teatro Banda, returns to this new version of Tocatas Mil with an original piece. Professional chamber musicians play songs and instrumental arrangements that he composed for Tryo Teatro Banda and other productions, this time arranged in a chamber music version for piano, a wind instrument trio, an accordion, a pair of guitars and a string quartet. Musicians from the world of classical and pop music play Sánchez’ compositions — under his direction — for plays such as Las siete vidas del Tony Caluga (1994), El payaso y la virgen (1998) and El día del juicio (2000), all by Andrés del Bosque; El Auriga Tristán Cardenilla by Alfonso Alcalde, the La Trompeta company and Tryo Teatro Banda (1998-2017) and King Kong Palace (1994) by Marco Antonio de La Parra. Also included are two of the productions that made his name in minstrel and musical theater: Pedro de Valdivia: la gesta inconclusa (2009) and O´Higgins: un hombre en pedazos (2016) by Tryo Teatro Banda.

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Francisco Aguilar /


Francisco Sánchez

(Chile, 1971)

A theater director, actor, composer and player of numerous instruments, he’s one of the founders of the outstanding Tryo Teatro Banda company, with whom he has created productions based on crucial moments in Chile’s history, such as La Araucana, Pedro de Valdivia, la gesta inconclusa, Cautiverio Felis (sic) and Afrochileno. He has composed theater music for plays by directors such as Andrés del Bosque and Marco Antonio de la Parra. In 2010, he won a medal from the Latin American Center for Creation and Theater Research (CELCIT) for his contribution to Iberian-American theater.

Composer, arrangements, piano, accordion, guitar and singer Francisco Sánchez | Guitar Simón Schriever | Singer and piano Daniela Ropert | ‘Toma 1’ quartet Daniella Rivera (lead violin), Mónica Betancourt (second violin), Felipe Vieytes (viola), Ángel Cárdenas (cello) | Wind instrument trio Pascal Montenegro (oboe), Claudia Briones (bassoon), Kathya Galleguillos (clarinet)

  • The Tryo Teatro Banda, led by Francisco Sánchez, is an outstanding independent travelling theater company founded in 2000, whose hallmark involves combining the performing arts with literature and original live music. Cautiverio felis (sic) (2007), Pedro de Valdivia la gesta inconclusa (2009), La Araucana (2012) and Parlamento (2014) particularly stand out from around 20 productions, involving 2,000 performances to date for an audience of more than 400,000. Their musical theater has won recognition in Chile and abroad.

  • In 2010, Francisco Sánchez, the company’s director, received a medal from the Latin American Center for Theatrical Creation and Research (CELCIT) - based in Almagro, Spain - for his contribution to creating and promoting Latin American theater.

  • Over a career spanning more than 18 years with Tryo Teatro Banda, Sánchez has investigated emblematic episodes in Chilean history with great creativity, humor and lyricism.

  • In 2009, the play Pedro de Valdivia: la gesta inconclusa - whose music forms part of this concert - won awards from the Chilean Art Critics’ Circle, the Association of Entertainment Journalists and for its script from the José Nuez Martí Foundation at the Catholic University’s Faculty of Arts.