Country Slovenia | Chile

Discipline Music | Puppet theater

Recomended for +7

Duration 45 minutes

Language Spanish

Dates January 4, 5 and 6, 21.00h

Keywords Literature | Puppets

It’s night, everyone’s asleep and an author is trying to write a story. After a few attempts, he gives up and is leaving when something unexpected happens: the characters in his story come to life. Renowned Slovenian musician, puppeteer, actor and director Matija Solce, together with Chilean singer-songwriter Nano Stern – who is also a musician who plays several different instruments – present Teatro Matita & Folkoholics, a project that introduces us to a world full of dark humor, in which the limits of reality melt away. Music and theater fuse together in a parallel dimension full of magic, reflection and characters who come to life in their hands using original animation methods. Armed with an accordion, violin and their voices, Solce and Stern – who for a decade have made up the Folkoholics duo – create new and unpredictable music inspired by the some of the most diverse musical traditions in the world. Improvisation, theatrics and their irreverent attitude cause the planet’s musical roots to intertwine in ways that escape all logic. Each concert is a new creation in itself, with no two performances the same. Together, they have performed in more than 30 countries on four continents.

Teatro Matita & Folkoholics is part of Santiago a Mil thanks to an alliance with La Rebelión de los Muñecos.

| Multimedia

Idea, puppets and performance

Matija Solce

(Slovenia, 1981)

A musician, puppeteer, actor and director, his plays fuse music and theater. His concerts often become interactive theater shows and his puppet shows become concerts. He has travelled the world with his accordion and his case full of puppets, acting in places as diverse as private homes and large international festivals. He has won more than 20 awards. He founded Teatro Matita in 2002 and his shows E Beh? (2002) and Little Night Tales (2003) have been performed at festivals worldwide. He is founder of the HISTeRIA Festival, a fusion of musical, theatrical and social events.


Nano Stern

(Chile, 1985)

Musician, composer, singer and player of multiple different instruments, from a young age he began travelling the world, collecting sounds from different kinds of music. Joan Baez called him “the best Chilean singer-songwriter of his generation”, thanks to his technical skill and unique and heterogenous style, inspired by Latin American music, European folklore, jazz and rock. His songs are both personal and political, with his powerful performances the highlight of his concerts. He has travelled all over the world giving concerts and has released six albums. The last, Mil 500 vueltas (2015), involved important collaborations with Joan Báez and the Uruguayan Jorge Drexler.

Idea, puppets and performance Matija Solce | Director Vida Cerkvenik - Bren | Musician Nano Stern (Folkoholics)

  • Matija Solce is an important Slovenian nomadic artist who is always travelling the world putting on imaginative shows with puppets and music. His diverse theatrical creations mean he has won numerous awards and prizes at festivals worldwide.

  • Nano Stern is one of the most renowned singer-songwriters on the contemporary Chilean scene. “He is one of the most powerful and far-reaching (singers and songwriters). His style stands out in part because of his amazing command of the guitar, as well as the vocational freedom he has used from the very beginning to set himself up as a nomadic musician and global star”, wrote Marisol García about him on the Música Popular site.

  • This show, which involves audience participation and touches of improvisation and cabaret, has an outstanding atmosphere, musicality and connection with the audience. The puppets act with the help of original animation devices that Solce both invented and constructed.

  • Solce and Stern have been in the Folkoholics duo for more than a decade: armed with an accordion, a violin and their voices, they create music inspired by some of the most diverse musical styles in the world.
  • La Rebelión de los Muñecos (Chile). As part of their aim to create more opportunities and give animated and puppet theater a place in Chile, Viajeinmóvil hold the La Rebelión de los Muñecos International Festival, with a program that includes outstanding animated and puppet theater productions. Once a year, they bring together Chilean and foreign companies, with the aim of becoming a national and international platform that spreads, promotes, trains, tours and perfects these specializations. La Rebelión de los Muñecos has an important task: to make material theater visible country-wide; to make its program more international and to offer, at the same time, the opportunity to study under world-renowned experts.

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