Country India

Discipline Music

Recomended for +6

Starring the musicians who accompany award-winning French-Indian dancer Shantala Shivalingappa in her show Swayambhu – part of Santiago a Mil 2019 – this concert is a demonstration of southern India’s gentle and emotional Carnatic music. Mixing compositions and improvisation, these pieces invite the audience to discover firsthand a selection of sounds from this corner of the world, through the mastery of four experienced Indian musicians. With the unmistakable beat of the Carnatic repertoire, the members of this group play melodies full of beauty, emotion and energy to show the audience how music – especially music from India – can be something intense, capable of touching and deeply transforming us. Since our existence is based on vibrations, if we enter a certain mental state, our whole existence becomes sound. This is what Sangita aims to do: give the audience an experience that opens their minds.

Músicos del sur de India

This group, which accompanies Shantala Shivalingappa’s performances, is made up of four experienced musicians from southern India: Balam Puttamma Haribabu, a percussionist with a career spanning 28 years, who has taken part in 95 tours in 30 different countries, playing at prestigious venues such as the John Kennedy Centre in the United States; Jetty Ramesh, a singer with a moving and gentle voice, composer of music for Indian dance shows in his own country and abroad; Neelamani Ramakrishnan, renowned mridangam drum player (an instrument at the heart of Carnatic music), with more than 26 years’ experience and Kikkeri Suryanarayana Jayaram, a talented flautist who has toured worldwide, capable of expressing the subtleties and emotions of southern India’s music.

Cymbals Balam Puttamma Haribabu | Vocals Jetty Ramesh | Percussion (mridangam drum) Neelamani Ramakrishnan | Flute Kikkeri Suryanarayana Jayaram | Sound engineer C. Colombo | Executive producer G. Seguin [H]ikari Production

  • The group’s four members have travelled the world bringing people the sounds of Carnatic music, performing at important venues in countries such as the United States and England.

  • The musicians are part of the show performed by Shantala Shivalingappa, a prestigious dancer and choreographer who trained in classical Indian dance and is acclaimed in her home country and in the West for her dance technique and style.

  • The concerts are a mixture of compositions and improvisation, so each one is different: there’s no fixed playlist. Each one is unique, just like the Indian tradition they represent.