Country Chile

Discipline Music

Recomended for +7

Duration 60 minutes

Language Spanish

Dates January 19, 21:00 | GAM Center – Salon A1

Keywords Music | Pop | Indie folk | Tocatas Mil

“Niña Tormenta doesn’t believe in the romantic idea that music is made when you’re relaxed, inspired and have a clear mind. Her music is that of a woman who works, of those who have to get up early: sounds that break the silence”, Qué Pasa Magazine said about her debut album, Loza (2017). After winning the 2018 Pulsar Award for best breakout artist, Tiare Galaz - alias Niña Tormenta - brings a unique show to Tocatas Mil, featuring a band, new songs and special guests. As well as releasing two albums — the first called En vivo desde Valparaíso (2016) — Galaz is also one of the self-taught artists in Uva Robot, brought together by the band Chini & The Technicians and the La Matiné Uva Robot musical group. They were invited to perform as the opening act for famous Norwegian musician Erlend Øye on his tour of Germany in 2018. A concert with an intimate atmosphere, this is an ideal opportunity to be swept along by the soft sounds of the ukulele and the serene voice of one of the most interesting young artists around today.

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Singer and ukelele Tiare Galaz | Guitar and backing vocals Juan Manuel Daza | Sound engineer Emanuel Irarrázabal | Keyboards and backing vocals María José Ayarza | Bombo and backing vocals Macarena Galaz

  • Her album Loza was very well received and reviewed by the Chilean media. “(The songs) have few arrangements and the lyrics are written in an everyday language. (…) Niña Tormenta cuts out all embellishments and excesses. She conveys what she sees or feels precisely”, said writer Constanza Gutiérrez in Qué Pasa Magazine.

  • Niña Tormenta’s popularity before the release of her first album was thanks to both the impact of her music on digital platforms and word of mouth. “Even before releasing Loza (2017), she was already all over the internet with the live versions of the hits that made her famous on YouTube”.

  • As well as receiving the Pulsar Award for best breakout artist, Niña Tormenta toured Europe for the first time in 2018, sharing the stage with Norwegian musician Erlend Øye.

  • Niña Tormenta is part of a new group of Chilean musicians enjoying success on the independent music scene.

«A ukulele was enough to take Niña Tormenta from behind the scenes to in front of an audience»


«A ukulele was enough to take Niña Tormenta from behind the scenes to in front of an audience»