Country Chile | España | Hungría

Discipline Music

Recomended for +6

Duration 90 minutes

Dates January 16, 21.00h

The Nadir Ensemble is multicultural: it’s made up of four outstanding musicians from Chile, Hungary and Spain. Hungarian Zoltan Lantos plays the violin; Catalan Xavi Turull plays the Indian tabla, Peruvian cajón and oriental percussion; Chilean Antonio Restucci plays the guitar and mandolin and Chilean Marcelo Cordova plays the acoustic and electric bass guitars. In pieces influenced by the ancestral rhythms of India, Hungary, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, this group brings the sounds of world music to Tocatas a Mil. It’s an elegant fusion of textures and colors, performed by four talented musicians who come together to create a unique sound. Antonio Restucci, one of the most influential Chilean soloists in fusion music and Zoltan Lantos, an experienced Hungarian violinist, are the composers behind this project, which reminds us that, irrespective of its original culture or language, music is a universal language.

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Antonio Restucci

(Chile, 1956)

A self-taught composer and guitar and mandolin player, he began composing and playing instruments from an early age. He has taken performed with different Chilean groups and artists, including the Latin jazz group La Hebra, Cristina Narea, Francesca Ancarola, Los Tres, Joe Vasconcellos, Carlos Aguirre, Juan Antonio Sánchez and Emilio García. He lived in Europe and the United States for almost 10 years, working with jazz, flamenco and pop music and artists such as the double bass player David Friesen, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Claudia Acuña and the Ojos de Brujo group.


Zoltán Lantos

(Hungary, 1962)

After graduating in classical violin, this Hungarian violinist travelled to India in 1985 to study classical Hindu music for nine years. On his return, he rediscovered his musical roots, creating his own style by fusing Hungarian and classical music with Eastern music and contemporary European jazz. He has recorded and taken part in international music projects with important names such as Charlie Mariano, Dhafer Youssef, Palle Mikkelborg, Ramesh Shotham, Nicolas Simion, Renaud Garcia-Fons and Rabih Abou-Khalil and played in concerts and toured with Loreena McKennitt, Al DiMeola, Larry Corryell and Didier Lockwood.

  • Antonio Restucci is “one of the most important, respected and influential Chilean soloists in fusion music”, according to music critic Iñigo Díaz, who confirmed on the Música Popular site that he’s become a role model for string and fusion musicians like Juan Antonio Sánchez and Ángel Parra. “He’s an emblematic figure in the armed struggle for mixed-race music”, says Díaz.

  • The Nadir Ensemble’s work is based on original pieces by Zoltan Lantos and Antonio Restucci and what is known as world music.

  • As well as Restucci and Lantos, the group is made up of Marcelo Cordova, one of the best electric bass guitar players on Santiago’s musical scene and percussionist Xavi Turull, co-founder of Ojos de Brujo (winner of a 2007 Latin Grammy and a 2003 BBC Award), who has collaborated with artists and bands such as Estopa, Ketama, Rosario and Antonio and Lolita Flores.

  • The group’s sound is influenced by ancestral rhythms from India, Hungary, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. It’s a fusion in which the musicians get to show off their talents by both playing and improvising. The artists’ experience and participation in festivals worldwide particularly stand out.