Country France

Discipline Puppet theater

Audience Youth | Adults

Recomended for +12

Duration 70 minutes

Language Spanish

Dates January 9, 10 and 11, 21:00h

Keywords Humor | Old age | Puppets | Women

(Compañía Traversière’s work) will amaze you

The Sunday Times

Magdalena’s an old lady. She is chic, mischievous and, deep down, an anarchist. She knows quite well that the end is near, so she’s enjoying the present to the full. In turn speaker, poker player or (supposedly an) IT expert, Magdalena talks about our times in a fanciful and unexpected way, making us reflect on life (and particularly on certain topics that are taboo), unfiltered and with great humor. With her razor-sharp tongue, the old woman analyzes topics that will make the majority blush uncomfortably, from senior sex lives, euthanasia and abortion to the abuses of pharmaceutical companies. Delightful and unpredictable, this is stand-up comedy that will have everyone laughing along. Magdalena could be anyone’s mother or grandmother and maybe that’s why it’s impossible to resist her charms. With this puppet theater, Frenchwoman Julia Yevnine, together with Compañía Traversière, creates a piece that questions contemporary social issues in a lucid, poetic and amusing way, from the perspective of an endearing and uninhibited older woman.

Magdalena – a one puppet show is part of Santiago a Mil thanks to an alliance with La Rebelión de los Muñecos.

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Julia Yevnine


An actress, puppeteer, puppet maker and director, she has worked on different international projects. She studied at the Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris and at LISPA (the London International School of Performing Arts) in London. She co-founded the Theatre Témoin and Compagnie Traversière companies, of which she is also director. As a puppeteer and puppet maker, she has studied under greats such as the Handspring Puppet Company, Mandinga Arts and Natacha Belova. She is co-director – and puppet maker – of The Caravan, a street theater project for Syrians that has the backing of UNICEF. She has collaborated with companies in Greece, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, The Lebanon, Chile, and Argentina.

Compagnie Traversière

Created in Paris in 2008 by a group of artists, this company combines fine arts, storytelling and physical theater with the aim of creating performances that are committed, fun and relevant. Since 2015, they have been exclusively dedicated to puppet theater. Their first puppet piece aimed at adults, The Fantasist, dealt with bipolar disorder and was well-received by both the public and critics alike. In 2016, the company, in collaboration with Lupa, Compañía de Muñecos, created a puppet show in Argentina for adults called Algún día todo esto será tuyo.

Written and directed by Julia Yevnine | Puppet maker Julia Yevnine | Set designers Gabriela Faundez Frugone, Marcelo Arenas Castillo | Lighting designer Sebastián Ríos | Producer and press and publicity Camila Garrido

  • Compagnie Traversière is an important French multidisciplinary group that makes puppet theater for adults. Their plays have been performed in different parts of the world and they have garnered rave reviews in the press, for example The Sunday Times and The Guardian, both in the United Kingdom. They have a long-standing relationship with Chile, having been here in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

  • Magdalena is an analysis of today’s society and how we deal with certain taboos, including euthanasia, abortion, the business that is healthcare, sexuality and, above all, old age. Full of humor and irony, the play makes us reflect on and understand that you only live once and that it’s a path “to be enjoyed, desired and shared”, says Julia Yevnine.

  • The play takes on the form of stand-up comedy performed by a human-sized puppet appearing on a simple set. An atmosphere in which the gestures, movements, strength, precision and expressivity of the puppet stand out is created, making the puppet the star of the show.

  • The director tries to take the puppet to its limits. Yevnine is constantly playing on the illusion that fuses and separates the puppet and puppeteer in dance scenes, interaction with the public, improvisation or conversations with other characters. The audience is invited to participate on several occasions, giving them the chance to become part of the play.
  • La Rebelión de los Muñecos (Chile). As part of their aim to create more opportunities and give animated and puppet theater a place in Chile, Viajeinmóvil hold the La Rebelión de los Muñecos International Festival, with a program that includes outstanding animated and puppet theater productions. Once a year, they bring together Chilean and foreign companies, with the aim of becoming a national and international platform that spreads, promotes, trains, tours and perfects these specializations. La Rebelión de los Muñecos has an important task: to make material theater visible country-wide; to make its program more international and to offer, at the same time, the opportunity to study under world-renowned experts.

(Compañía Traversière’s work) will amaze you

The Sunday Times

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