Country Chile

Discipline Music

Recomended for +7

Duration 45 minutes

Language Spanish

Dates 20 de enero, 21.00 h | Centro GAM – Sala A1

Winner in the best singer-songwriter category at the 2018 Pulsar Awards, Evelyn Cornejo comes to Tocatas Mil as one of the most interesting voices on the current Chilean music scene. She has released two critically acclaimed albums — Evelyn Cornejo (2011) and La chusma inconsciente (2017) — and has a European tour and countless performances throughout Chile under her belt. The singer-songwriter puts on a show of around 10 songs, showing off part of her repertoire, which is influenced by popular Chilean music — from Violeta Parra to Los Prisioneros, including rock, pop, the folklore she listened to and learned during her childhood in the Maule region and different Latin American sounds, such as bolero, joropo, bossa nova and cumbia. “With lyrics that tell stories from the countryside and are highly critical of politics, Evelyn Cornejo has become one of the most important creators from the 2010 generation”, says the specialist press about her. This is an ideal occasion to see one of the singer-songwriters that has breathed new life into local pop music play live.

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Singer and composer

Evelyn Cornejo

(Chile, 1981)

Born in Caliboro in the Maule region, her artistic streak was encouraged by her religious and musical family from a very early age. Aged 18, she started singing on inter-provincial buses. Vicente Durán - known as Subverso in the rap world - recorded and produced her first self-titled album, winner of the Sello Azul competition. A European tour, countless concerts in Chile and in countries such as Mexico, the release of her second album, La chusma inconsciente (2017) and a Pulsar Award have made Evelyn Cornejo one of the most important artists of her generation.

Singer Evelyn Cornejo | Backing singer María Cecilia Noton | Manager Eugenia Escobar

  • Evelyn Cornejo won a Pulsar Award for best singer-songwriter in 2018. She was up against artists such as Benjamín Walker, Natalia Contesse, Nano Stern and Manuel García & Sebastián Vergara.

  • Talking about her style, the press has highlighted the heterogeneity of her influences, the ingeniousness of her arrangements and the diversity of the things she sings about. “Cornejo’s friendly but sad voice is captivating, as those that are hard to pinpoint usually are: it vibrates with a strength coming from who knows where, which she uses to sing of normal things but in unusual ways (…) Hers is a multi-layered talent”, wrote music journalist David Ponce.

  • Evelyn Cornejo’s approach fuses sounds ranging from Chilean folklore and Latin American music to rock, pop and cumbia.

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