Country Chile

Discipline Theater

Audience Adults | Youth

Recomended for +14

Duration 55 minutes

Language Spanish

Dates January 3, 4 and 5, 20.00h

Ella y ella is a nod to the actors and actresses who were victims of Latin American dictatorships in the twentieth century and to those who were able to resist them with no other weapons but their art. On the stage, we see a famous actress being interrogated and tortured, involved in an inevitable inner struggle with herself. The play is presented as a monologue in two voices, with her inner voice taking a sociopolitical stance while her body is being destroyed. In this process, ‘She’ has to decide whether to abandon or defend her very essence, made up of artistic experiences and the remote places she remembers, all mixed in with the political context of a country that doesn’t accept individuals for themselves but converts them into one dimensional beings. Through this actress’s conversation with herself, Ella y ella invites the audience to take part in an exercise involving memory and forgetting: two sides of the same coin that are used to try and put a price on our individual and collective past.

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Aldo Parodi


Aldo Parodi is a Chilean actor with a long career spanning film, theater and television. He’s also a theater director. He set up the University of Chile’s theater school and was part of the generation of ’74, together with the actors and directors Andrés Pérez, Alfredo Castro and José Soza. Some of his most important theater performances were in the legendary play La negra Ester by the Gran Circo Teatro company and another of their productions, Todos estos años. He has been part of the cast of movies such as Caluga o menta by Gonzalo Justiniano and Johnny cien pesos by Gustavo Graef Marino.


Omar Saavedra Santis


Omar Saavedra Santis studied medicine, theatrical art and journalism without actually graduating in any of them. In exile, he studied at the Creative Writing Institute in Leipzig and wrote his most well-known novel, La gran ciudad, included by Grínor Rojo in his canon of Chilean novels written during the dictatorship and in the post-dictatorship period. Saavedra Santis has tried his hand at several literary genres, including novels, short stories and playwriting. His plays have been translated into different languages and have been published in Germany, Chile, Costa Rica, Poland, Austria, Japan and the United States.

Company ATEVA (Agrupación Teatral Valparaíso) | Written by Omar Saavedra Santis | Director Aldo Parodi González | Cast Naldy Hernández González, Alai Lasagabaster Martí and Patricio Díaz Arellano | Assistant director José Soto Luer | Set designer Tamara Figueroa AS | Sound designer Paul Hernández Mendoza | Graphic designer Joselyn Pineda Sánchez | Technical manager Pablo Riquelme Lobos | Assistant producer Valentina Quintana Díaz | Project manager Marta Contreras Laporte | General producer Christopher Ortega Silva

Ella y Ella is a Regional Fondart Project, presented as part of the celebrations commemorating the 65th anniversary of ATEVA (Agrupación Teatral Valparaíso).

  • This production brings together two important names from the local artistic scene: Aldo Parodi, an experienced actor and director and Omar Saavedra Santis, a renowned writer, journalist and playwright, who, after going into exile, returned to Chile in 2010. A member of the literary generation that ended up living all over the world after the military coup, an interesting fact about this author of La gran ciudad, a book inspired by the Popular Unity party (published in 1985 in East Germany), is that he’s the father of actress Catalina Saavedra.

  • Ella y ella explores the impact of the dictatorship on the performing arts, a discipline that took a battering during this period but which also became a way of showing resistance. This production allows us to find out about this from the inside. “The creative process has been really smooth, because of the script’s empathy with our work (…) In these circumstances, it’s been really gratifying to explore Chile’s historical context”, explains Aldo Parodi.

  • The play involves Naldy Hernández, a highly experienced actress and theater teacher, member of ATEVA (Agrupación Teatral Valparaíso), which has existed for over 50 years. In 2017, she was honored with the Roberto Parada award by the Ministry of Culture for her outstanding theater career.

  • Parodi explains that the production’s relevance is connected to the fact it “retrieves private dialogues to help explain what’s happening in Chile, both socially and politically. Ella y ella is relevant today because it defends the internal dialogues that allow us to explore the critical and thoughtful processes of every human being”, he says.