Country Chile

Discipline Music

Recomended for +7

Duration 90 minutes

Language Spanish

Dates 9 de enero, 21.00 h

Keywords Folklore | Music | Tocatas Mil

Camila and Silvio are a Latin American folklore duo who use the guitar, charango, bombo drum and two voices to perform songs from a traditional creole repertoire, using the intensity and simplicity that are at the heart of folklore. “Our aim is to make music inspired by the earth and by its human and natural landscapes. We bring our audience together to share in hand-crafted music and organic sounds focusing on our people’s roots. We take ancient forms and traditional rhythms in order to go back and connect with our land and identity”, explain the musicians. They have been exploring Latin American sounds — from Argentina, Bolivia and Chile in particular — since their beginnings in 2014. In this version of Tocatas Mil, they’ll present their new album, En el borde de la noche, and share the stage with Coral Rojo.

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+ Coral Rojo

Singer, bombo drum and caja chayera (Andean drum) Camila Soria | Singer, guitar and charango Silvio Rozzi | Double bass Julian Sembler | Accordion Francisco Martínez | Producer Clan Frida Producciones, Paula Bañados and Amparo Barros

  • Camila Soria and Silvio Rozzi have been exploring the Latin American repertoire for years: in 2105, they set up home in an old school bus with their first child Tristán, aged 4 and set off on a journey through Argentina for six months. This tour was the start of an in-depth and real-life search for the meaning of folklore.

  • The duo has released two albums: one self-titled and the other, a more recent one called En el borde de la noche, which includes both songs they wrote and some compilations.
  • Concert playlist:
  1. Como aguita de cascada (chacarera doble)
  2. Chacarera de los dolores (chacarera trunca)
  3. Zamba del chaguanco (zamba)
  4. Arunguita (tradtional Andean rhythm)
  5. Tei de olvidar (vidala)
  6. La rosa (huayno)
  7. Camino de vuelta (tinku)
  8. En la soledad del monte (airs of vidala)
  9. Siku flor de caña (siku)

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