Country Argentina

Discipline Music

Recomended for +8 años

Duration 75 minutes

Language Spanish

Dates 10 de enero, 21.00 h | Centro GAM – Sala A1

Keywords Music | Tocatas Mil | Tango | Rock

A strange and original branch of the new tango scene in Argentina

La Nación

“A large part of our audience are rockers aged over 30 who like Metallica or Radiohead", said Elbi Olalla, Altertango’s pianist and composer, to the La Nación newspaper in Argentina, which also described the group as “role models for the Argentine alternative tango scene”. With a career spanning 17 years, Altertango comes to Tocatas Mil to perform both older songs and those from its latest album, Sie7e (2018), an example of the band’s instrumental stage and “a well thought-out summary, not only of its career but also of its different facets over time”. As a result of the constant need to look for and delve deeper into the tango genre and the multiple possibilities it offers, the group’s sound allows it to put on powerful and creative concerts. Its connection with other urban types of music and its freedom of interpretation and composition in particular are the hallmarks of this original group from Mendoza, which not only pays homage to this popular type of Argentine music, but also breaks down all its boundaries at the same time.

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This group from Mendoza is made up of Pablo Conalbi (drums), Ezequiel Acosta (accordion), Gerardo Lucero (double bass) and Elbi Olalla (piano). Since being formed in 2000, Altertango has recorded six albums, including Altertango I and II (2002 and 2005), Tormenta (2007), Melodramas (2009) and Sie7e (2018). It has obtained important recognition at a local, national and international level, performing its music in different cities in Argentina (including Buenos Aires, Rosario, Bariloche, Trelew, Cordoba, San Juan, San Luis and La Pampa), Chile (including Santiago, Valparaíso and Puerto Montt), Brazil (Sao Paulo and Ubatuba) and Europe (Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Amsterdam and Stockholm).

Piano Elbi Olalla | Drums Pablo Conalbi | Accordion Ezequiel Acosta | Double bass Gerardo Lucero | Produced by JET LAG | With the support of the Argentine Embassy

  • Altertango stands out for its powerful mixture of tango and rock in a fusion that allows it to bring together the eloquence and intensity of both styles, adding influences from jazz, candombe and even hip hop. This is why it’s described as “a strange and original branch of the new tango scene” in Argentina, according to the La Nación newspaper in Buenos Aires.

  • It’s one of the most important bands on the alternative tango scene in Argentina, winner of several awards and with a solid career spanning 17 years.

  • Since the very beginning, the band’s aim has been “to transcend the genre, strengthen its own roots and convictions — somewhere between paying homage and giving things new meaning — and meet what it believes is its generation’s greatest challenge: to reflect a rich history of popular Argentine music through its own sound”, says Rock, the main Argentine rock website.

  • The group has close links to Chile: its first visit was in 2002 to take part in the Valparatango Festival. Thanks to the money it received after winning the singing competition, the group was able to finance its first album, “Our story has plenty of roots in Chile. It’s our home”, the group said in El Mostrador in 2015, prior to visiting the country.

A strange and original branch of the new tango scene in Argentina

La Nación

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