Country Chile

Discipline Music

Recomended for +10

Duration 60 minutes

Dates January 17, 21.00h

Ül Kimvn (Ode to Knowledge) is the soundtrack of Kimvn Teatro, whose hallmark is tackling the Mapuche world view and culture through documentary theater. This acoustic concert is a musical journey through memory, identity, native inheritance and the world of music that they have created in their theater productions Ñi pu Tremen, Territorio descuajado, Galvarino, Ñuke and Ñiami Tañi Pixán (Their Soul Disappeared), plus a preview of Trewa, their latest creation. These plays are part of a career spanning 10 years, with music written and conducted by Evelyn González Seguel, the company’s co-founder. The music moves from interculturality - combining Mapuche music and the Mapuzungun language - to the sounds made by Latin American and classical instruments. Ül Kimvn emerged in 2018 as a musical project that’s independent from and complementary to the company itself, the result of the need to give the instrumental music and songs created for its productions a life of their own.

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Singers and actresses Annie Murath, Nicole Gutiérrez | Violin Sergio Ávila | Cello William García | Guitar, bass guitar, oboe, charango Juan Flores | Guitar Paula González | Flute, four-stringed cuatro guitar, ronroco (large charango guitar) Evelyn González | Mapuche songs and use of ancestral language Elsa Quinchaleo, Benjamín Espinoza, Constanza Hueche

  • Kimvn Teatro is a multidisciplinary company founded in 2008 by actress, theater director and documentary maker Paula González Seguel and psychologist, musician and composer Evelyn González Seguel. It was originally called Teatro Kimen, meaning ‘Do you know me?’ in Mapuzungun and was renamed Kimvn in 2016, meaning ‘knowledge’. Paula González Seguel directs the acting and Evelyn González Seguel the music.

  • To date, the company has put on the theatrical productions Ñi pu Tremen, Territorio descuajado, Galvarino, Ñuke, Ñiami Tañi Pixán (Their Soul Disappeared) and Testimonio de un país mestizo.

  • Trewa is a play that will be premiered at the Catholic University’s Theater in April, starring Paula Zúñiga and Hugo Medina. Paula González explained to La Tercera that “it’s a mixture of documentary and fiction, based on the PACI (Patrols to Reconcile Indigenous Communities). This is a police force of Mapuche origin, but when there are disturbances, they turn into the Special Forces and have to go into the communities they’re supposed to be helping. The play also references the story of Macarena Valdés, a 32 year old activist who was found dead in her house in Tranguil (…)”.