Our world and stages have changed. The arts have become our one sure thing, somewhere we can meet up and get back to basics. Because we need each other and can’t imagine a world without community, it’s time to come together again.

The XXVIII version of the Santiago a Mil International Festival is an invitation that highlights the importance of the arts, since these make up part of the social and symbolic fabric of our lives. They’re community, as well as a collective rite connecting and inviting us to imagine new horizons of meaning together. They’re the road that leads us to unlikely dialogues and to imagining other possible futures.

In uncertain times, the performing arts resist. They’re the driving force keeping us connected: adapting, reinventing themselves and expanding limits. Stages have also been transformed with the aim of making a comeback, moving from large venues to more intimate spaces. In line with this, Santiago a Mil 2021 will be a hybrid opportunity to meet up again in a multi-format, multi-stage festival. Digitally and face-to-face, the streets, venues, the media and our homes will converge to help us travel beyond borders. They’ll be opportunities for new experiences, formats and reflections, #ComingTogetherAgain on every possible stage.

Santiago a Mil 2021 is going to be a special version of the festival. We’ll adapt, taking care of ourselves, staying connected and building up trust, showing that physical distance isn’t the same as social distance. That’s why we’re innovating to inspire new creations, to cover every part of Chile, Latin America and the world and to connect artists and audiences way beyond any limits. We’re a space for diversity and citizenship and we won’t let anything dampen our spirit. We’ll carry on working towards #ComingTogetherAgain.