The performing arts have the power to make us reflect, shake us up and transform our lives. The potential that coming together and sharing our diversity has to mobilize people is something Santiago a Mil aims to fulfil each and every year. It’s somewhere artists and audiences can reach a truce, offering the chance to heal communities, thrill them and help them imagine other possible worlds.

With the slogan The Power of Acting, Santiago a Mil is a festival with a public role, bringing people together and forever aligned with the issues citizens are concerned about.

There’s nothing more human than the power of acting.

Acting together, taking the initiative and changing the flow of what’s established. Questioning and getting rid of prejudices, setting ideas loose and forging new paths.

Acting against injustice and fighting for a more inclusive society.

Acting to influence political decisions and insist on the importance of culture and the arts to the country’s social and symbolic development.

Acting to revolutionize the way we think and continue to create and expanding the horizon of our senses so we can imagine utopias.

Acting to transform our cities, recuperate different areas and bring back what is collective.

Acting to reconnect, recognize our differences and be part of change.

Today, more than ever, we believe in the power of acting for a society that is fairer, more sustainable and with more dialogue.


At a time when we’re asking ourselves what we’re doing and where we’re going; at a time when we’re somewhere between barbarity and civilization and desolation and hope, art takes on a highly important role in the reflections of our times. Artists contrast reality and fiction, question the established truths, tear down prejudices and pose questions that challenge current society’s concerns and human relations. They take to the stage to set out the issues and stories that are often forgotten and ignored in an attempt to revitalize memory through bodies and testimonies. They expose the problems and world views of native people, decolonizing stories and languages, making differences visible, reporting abuse and imagining (un)likely utopias, dystopias or futures.

CREATION FACTORY – The power of collaboration.

We’re driven by the need to tell stories that create a dialogue between artists and audiences. The Teatro a Mil Foundation’s aim to be involved in coproductions has turned into a real commitment to a complex ecosystem that mobilizes people, activities, resources and stories. Lemi Ponifasio, Severine Chavrier, Antu Romero and Daniel Veronese - among others - are part of this drive to provoke creative dialogue, influence and mutually inspire artists.

CONTINGENCIES BROUGHT TO THE STAGE – The power of rethinking the world.

The urgent dialogue between society and culture is at the heart of artists’ creations and concerns, involving reflection and debate, as well opening up the stage to much-needed but uncomfortable questions about migration, gender problems, memory, politics, native people and the environment. Theater is used to blur the limits between fiction and reality, bringing intimacy to the stage and delving into revolutions, experiences and testimonies involving the body.

LATINOAMERICAN HORIZONS – The power of territory.

Voices strongly rooted in their geography, conflicts and past use the stage to provide new ways of interpreting and questioning the history, politics and society of a syncretic and diverse subcontinent. Esthetics and languages look to distance themselves from the remains of colonialism, fusing traditions and influences, reinventing codes and incorporating the concerns currently present in our societies.

MADE IN CHILE – The power of local creation.

The hallmarks of Chilean theater travel the world, nourished by talent and a diversity of styles and experiences and with a strong foundation built on critique and reflection. Art, society, history and politics are some of the issues that run through the program, made up of plays selected by autonomous theater, dance and regional juries (in Valparaíso, Concepción and Antofagasta), according to guidelines that prioritize artistic excellent, Chilean playwriting and contemporary pieces, as well as the special guest category and Teatro a Mil Foundation coproductions.

THEATRICAL BODIES – The power of bodies.

It’s the strength of movement and the cadence and rhythm of gestures and different bodies, dissident bodies, rebel bodies. Dance and performance give the body back its power of communication, offering a foundation that is millennial, universal and free but also treating it as a battle field. This power transcends territories, concepts and conventions to talk to us about profoundly human struggles, visibility, convictions and connections.

FUTURE AUDIENCES – The power of the young.

Santiago a Mil has been family-orientated since the very start, with new generations in a privileged position as the audiences of tomorrow. They’re the change we’ll see in the stalls - young people who have been witnesses to a dramatic world. They’re digital natives who have promoted a new awareness about climate change. Faced with their hopes and dreams, the festival welcomes young people and children, since the performing arts offer a universal and common language to embrace the issues that are important to them and that they will share with different generations.


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