Our work is based on a collaborative model. Alliances with public and private institutions reflect different sectors’ commitment to Chile’s cultural development and their willingness to take a chance on projects that have a wide scope, are innovative and are aimed at different audiences.

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The Teatro a Mil Foundation is a non-profit organization responsible for designing, managing and organizing the Santiago a Mil International Festival, one of the most important performing arts events in Latin America. During the year, it runs projects that are based on creation, training, touring, access and communication.

As part of its important contribution to developing and decentralizing access to culture, Escondida/BHP has supported the Santiago a Mil International Festival since 1999. In conjunction with the Teatro a Mil Foundation, it put on large-scale international projects in Santiago, Antofagasta and Iquique between 2010 and 2014, such as Teatro di San Carlo en Chile (2010), Concierto para Violeta (2011), Suena a Gospel (2012), Tanguería (2013) and #Shakespeare450.

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The Law of Cultural Donations encourages both individual and corporate private investment in cultural initiatives. This legislation has allowed for public-private collaboration in projects run by the Teatro a Mil Foundation, with the state offering a tax rebate of up to 50% in exchange for donations.

The Teatro a Mil Foundation receives an annual subsidy from the Ministry of Culture, the Arts and Heritage as part of the National Budget Law to fund the work of its different departments.

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Over the years, different sponsors have supported us, believing in our project’s impact on society. Sura Asset Management Chile joins us as a festival sponsor in 2018.

| Collaborators

The collaborative model used to run the festival means we are always looking for new partners. Chevrolet Financial Services will be supporting us in the 2019 version.


We work closely with venues and cultural centers throughout Chile. Collaboration with these venues is essential to help revitalize local listings and increase the scope and opportunities for different companies and creators.

Embassies and international bodies

Working with international institutions is fundamental to Chilean artists’ opportunities, creations and training. Aimed at boosting a network of collaboration between countries, we have set up alliances with prestigious theaters, cultural centers and embassies.

Associated Media

The media we collaborate with are essential to us reaching both large-scale and specific audiences. Our alliances with different teams of journalists is one of our main platforms for promoting project content.